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Found 3 results

  1. You may have noticed that the forum software has changed slightly with the new version. The most dramatic difference is in how the Rich Text Editor (RTE), the thing with all the text editing features, handles quotes. There's a trend away from using BBCode, the
  2. The day-long outage of the forums a couple of days ago was due to the host upgrading to a new version of PHP that our outdated forum software is incompatible with. The host offered to temporarily go back to the older version on this one server, just to get the forum back up, but I need to upgrade the software asap. I'll warn you ahead of time, the newer version is substantially different in layout and functions, both for the regular forums and the admin area on the back end. I'm not a big fan of some of the changes, but we really don't have a choice. We'll probably also have to put up with the default skin of the forums until I can get something together that matches the home page. I'll try to do this at a time with minimum traffic, but the actual outage shouldn't be more than a half hour or so.
  3. The home page has finally been successfully upgraded and all functionality, including reviews, has been restored. I've been trying to do this upgrade literally for years. The first huge breakthrough was getting the site onto the new servers a few months ago. Now, I've finally managed to get the site upgraded to the new software version and the review system moved, upgraded and working. What else is new, besides the fresh look? The links to the review sections have been moved to the top menu bar. Sharing by print, email, pdf, options at the top right of each page. The language in the review tutorial and the system has been updated and clarified, including the tool tips and score sheet. Much thanks to fingerpickinblue, who did the majority of this re-write. The ability to use .5 rating increments in ratings. This has no effect on current scores, but it means we can fine-tune our ratings a bit better. The ability to compare listings' ratings with one another. Just click the "Compare" box under a number of listings and the comparison bar will pop up at the bottom of the page, listing your selections. Then click "compare". The ability to share listings via Google+, twitter, and facebook. A "comments" feature on each review. This is like the comments section below blogs and online news items. Only logged-in members can comment. More new functions will be added over time. Just like moving house, there are always things that have to be painted, re-done, re-installed, tidied-up, etc. (like the telephone, internet, wi-fi, VCR, DVD player, remotes, and that kind of bullshit). So here we have modules (furniture) that have to be rearranged to account for the new architecture, pictures that have to be re-hung in new places, etc. I'm aware that there are a lot of character encoding errors (for example: ’, ©, ä) so that's being slowly addressed. Please post other bugs, broken links, and missing images here in this thread. Have fun! Also, registrations for The Great American Absinthe Festival are now open. PLEASE don't forget to include your forum user name when registering, so we can verify membership.