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Found 1 result

  1. Haven't posted in a while (life's been getting in the way this winter), but I felt I needed to share this latest insult I received against our favorite beverage. I stopped this afternoon (Saturday, March 3rd) after work at the local grocery store in the same Wisconsin town where I work to pick up some soda, and while I was there, thought I'd stop by their liquor department to pick up some rum for mixers, as I was out. I also thought I'd see if they had any absinthe. (The vast majority of stores in this part of Wisconsin between the Fox Cities and Milwaukee don't; if they have anything, it's usually Kübler blanche.) I asked the clerk who was there (who turned out to be the department manager) if he had any, and he said something to the effect of, "No, I don't carry it. I can order the Americanized version of it from my distributor, but he doesn't handle the real stuff because it has methyl alcohol in it." Well, you can imagine the intensity of the "W. T. F. " running through my brain. "Americanized version??" Is there even such a thing?? Having all I could do to retain my composure, I tried to tell him that real absinthe does NOT have methyl alcohol in it (NO consumable alcoholic beverage does!!), that the real deal was readily available here in the U.S., and that I could get him plenty of information on it (intending to print him a copy of the WS fact sheet). His reply? "I don't care to have any information on it because I'm not getting any" and walked off waving his hands in the air. The man's demeanor and body language told me that he KNEW he was propagating a bold-faced lie, whether his own or the distributor's, and was only too glad to keep on doing it. If this misinformation did come from the distributor, what would they have to gain by it? If they just don't have enough call for absinthe to be bothered with getting it, then why not just say so? What's in it for them to lie about it?? I can get all the genuine absinthe I want--but only if I'm willing to drive at least an hour away. Needless to say, I forgot about getting any rum from this liar either, and just walked out of the store without making any purchases at all--even left the soda sitting right in the cart in the store. I don't know how many members we have in Southeastern Wisconsin, but the store in question was Mountin's Piggly Wiggly in Mayville. PLEASE do NOT patronize this store, especially the liquor department. I absolutely cannot in good conscience give money to anyone who willfully spreads lies and misinformation about ANYTHING, not to mention absinthe. There is enough mythology, lies, innuendo and deliberate misinformation going around about absinthe without financially enabling people to continue the campaign against it. Didn't we just go through similar crap about 100 years ago?? Seems things haven't changed. If anyone has any thoughts and comments on why either liquor stores or some distributors would continue to willfully spread lies about absinthe, even when confronted with the truth, please share them. Thank you. -Tom M. "KaiserFrazer67" Southeast Wisconsin, U.S.A.