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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Wormwood Society! My name is Zack. I live in Norfolk, VA. Absinthe is a fairly recent discovery for me. I did encounter it for the first time 10 years ago in Russian on a college study abroad trip. The group I was with found a bottle in a liquor store there and purchased it due to it's "infamy"/purported side effects. We attempted to prepare it correctly before consuming, but most likely failed outright. In any case, we were too ignorant to enjoy it properly and quickly abandoned the effort. My memories of that trip at this point are pretty foggy... Fast forward to last summer while perusing the aisles of one of our local ABC stores (VA state run liquor stores) where I stumble upon a bottle of Mt. Defiance Absinthe Superieure. I thought the bottle and label were attractive and thought it was pretty cool that it was distilled in Virginia, so I decided to give it a try. I'm well aware I'm a newbie and haven't yet developed a palette for absinthe, but I really enjoyed the Mt. Defiance. Really pleasant, floral and complex. Around Christmas time I received and ABC gift card and decided to use it on another bottle of absinthe. The only one available in the store was Absente. I've since read reviews and such saying this stuff isn't the real deal. I'll chock it up to inexperience. After tasting it, I don't entirely dislike it - but it is definitely inferior to the Mt. Defiance. Since I didn't have many options for purchase locally, I started searching online for different brands and information. That's how I ended up here! Just yesterday my order of a sampler of St. George Verte arrived. Will definitely be giving it a try soon if not tonight. I look forward to hopefully learning more here. Thanks in advance and Cheers!
  2. I see another fellow member from hades has also reintroduced themselves...it is actually only a few degrees hotter than hell now, as it is, "winter." I am a Noob's Newb with absinthe, and have been trying to figure some of this stuff out for a while...finally decided that it would be easier to ask the professionals. I first really became interested in absinthe about a decade ago when I read a book about a guy using it as a way to escape brain cancer issues (and no kiddies, I'm not recommending this...cancer feeds on sugar--alcohol being a great source). however, at the time I was reading, it was illegal in the USA (and I'm not rich, and I can't play guitar or bagpipes yet) and my best alternative was chartreuse. This was the, "USA" closest thing to absinthe, as the author I mentioned above stated that anything is the US at the time was fake, or a small fortune. My interest was reinvigorated when I came across a random advert for the stuff, which led me to research, and then to BevMore (best option I have currently). I went based off of the quickest google search reviews I could find, and settled on a bottle of Pernod. I performed the traditional ritual with spoon, sugar and ice water, and I almost killed the bottle until I thought better of it. Three 1.5 ounce shots felt like the equivalent to a fifth of vodka to me, but I didn't feel like Monday was coming like I would have with the vodka. I did some more reading and researching, and St. George was my next stop (don't hate me). It wasn't awful, but it wasn't awesome either. This led me to grand absente, which I think was much more relatable to the Pernod. After some minor perusing, I now fear I have committed a few absinthe sins (don't worry, I didn't lite anything on fire), and am hoping for some guidance on a budget. I started developing some major health issues at the ripe old age of 22, have had just about every medical exam I could afford (can't now with....well, lets not go there ). About a year ago, I went on a business trip, and booze ...wasn't optional, so I imbibed (prior to that I only regularly drank at New Years, and weddings). I couldn't believe how well I slept, and how not-crummy I felt the next morning. Good clean alcohol (vodka, tequila, moonshine....and absinthe!) actually help me escape for just a little while. I could go on, but hopefully you were too inebriated to get all of that . I'm hoping to find some affordable options for Arizona, and some pointers to steer me towards to better options to enjoy my remaining time. Cheers, SHA
  3. Hi everyone, My name's Wiktor and I'm looking for a good drink for special occasions, my adventure with Absinthe, if you could even say it was Absinthe, didn't started very well (first was Polish Apsinthion, then German Dr Jekyll... yeah, not the best stuff but it was avaible and i kinda liked them) and i'm looking for something that is actualy good, actualy i'm looking for two things: 1. The very best absinthe around, something for special occasions. 2. An affordable middle-shelf absinthe that could give me good absinthe experience (and by that i mean color, good and strong taste without too much sweetness, you add sugar for that after all :D) So yeah, i'm very new to the Absinthe and i would be very grateful for help.
  4. Relative newcomer to the Absinthe reality but it's definately Love. Found the Youtube episode of Obsessives on St George Absinthe and promptly found myself a bottle, some ice water and some friends. Have tried a few others, La Sorciere Verte (The Snow Fairy's slotted for upcoming B-Day!), La Muse, Vieux Pontarlier and a couple others not worth mentioning. Really looking forward to exploring this site and what it has to offer! Can't wait to delve into some of the higher rated Absinthes that are reviewed here! So here's a big thank you to the gods of the site and a big thank you to all the other lovers out there! Respect.