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Found 1 result

  1. So I've had a bottle of this stuff for a few months now, and it's pretty good! Surprised there doesn't seem to be anything on this site about it. I'd like to leave a review over in the reviews section, could a mod or someone add an entry for it over there? Anyway, up front I have to say it has probably the coolest bottle of any absinthe I've personally owned. The label itself I think only has competition with the Jade I have. The shape of the bottle could be more subjective since it's pretty unusual, but again, it's very cool looking, very unique. The color is the next thing that I noticed, and it's really weird to try to describe it. In the bottle, it looks almost 'too green'. You know, like maybe there is artificial coloring. I've read reviews and posts at this site since I started drinking absinthe ~10yrs ago so I've managed to avoid any fake 'sinthe, so haven't had any with artificial coloring, but I've seen pictures. Compared to every verte I've had, this one definitely stands out. It's so green it's almost blue (but not, except after louche the blue becomes even more apparent). It does kind of resemble the pics of artificially colored brands I've seen. The weird thing is that in the glass it just looks like a super deep peridot, but again, it's almost *too* peridot. It's hard to explain how the color can seem 'correct' but at the same time somehow 'unnatural'. Maybe it's just because a lot of my absinthes are really a yellowish green, or at least nowhere near as deep as this. The label says they use some peppermint leaves, some other herb, and 'other ingredients' for coloring. They'd have to say if it was artificially colored right? There's a lot of sediment (which I don't mind), so I think maybe it's actually naturally colored. It's pretty intense for natural colored though, let's just say that. First few drinks from the bottle I kind of passed it off as just another average mid-tier absinthe without much complexity or depth to flavor, but after a few months and coming back a few times it seems to have improved (or maybe *I* just came around to *it*) and I think it's actually pretty impressive. Seems to me a bit focused on the wormwood, bitter side of things but in a very nice way. It's actually got me really appreciating bitterness as a *flavor* which I never did before (never really thought of it that way). And this isn't to say that it's too bitter. It's really well balanced. Guess this stuff's made in Detroit. Anyway, just thought I'd start a thread and see if anyone else has tried it!