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Found 2 results

  1. I see another fellow member from hades has also reintroduced themselves...it is actually only a few degrees hotter than hell now, as it is, "winter." I am a Noob's Newb with absinthe, and have been trying to figure some of this stuff out for a while...finally decided that it would be easier to ask the professionals. I first really became interested in absinthe about a decade ago when I read a book about a guy using it as a way to escape brain cancer issues (and no kiddies, I'm not recommending this...cancer feeds on sugar--alcohol being a great source). however, at the time I was reading, it was illegal in the USA (and I'm not rich, and I can't play guitar or bagpipes yet) and my best alternative was chartreuse. This was the, "USA" closest thing to absinthe, as the author I mentioned above stated that anything is the US at the time was fake, or a small fortune. My interest was reinvigorated when I came across a random advert for the stuff, which led me to research, and then to BevMore (best option I have currently). I went based off of the quickest google search reviews I could find, and settled on a bottle of Pernod. I performed the traditional ritual with spoon, sugar and ice water, and I almost killed the bottle until I thought better of it. Three 1.5 ounce shots felt like the equivalent to a fifth of vodka to me, but I didn't feel like Monday was coming like I would have with the vodka. I did some more reading and researching, and St. George was my next stop (don't hate me). It wasn't awful, but it wasn't awesome either. This led me to grand absente, which I think was much more relatable to the Pernod. After some minor perusing, I now fear I have committed a few absinthe sins (don't worry, I didn't lite anything on fire), and am hoping for some guidance on a budget. I started developing some major health issues at the ripe old age of 22, have had just about every medical exam I could afford (can't now with....well, lets not go there ). About a year ago, I went on a business trip, and booze ...wasn't optional, so I imbibed (prior to that I only regularly drank at New Years, and weddings). I couldn't believe how well I slept, and how not-crummy I felt the next morning. Good clean alcohol (vodka, tequila, moonshine....and absinthe!) actually help me escape for just a little while. I could go on, but hopefully you were too inebriated to get all of that . I'm hoping to find some affordable options for Arizona, and some pointers to steer me towards to better options to enjoy my remaining time. Cheers, SHA
  2. Hello all! Ive been lurking rhis site for some time now checking the reviews on different Absinthes, and finally decided to join. The first time i ever tried Absinthe, i was in a club back in 2005? with my ex, who was obsessed wirh Oscar Wilde and Sylvia Plath. We watched in eager anticipation as the bartender mounted a spoon on the glass (a whisky tumbler) poured a shots worth over 2 sugar cubes then proceeded to light it on fire. (Which was contrary to the way i had seen it poured in movies) after letting it burn and watching the sugar caramelize then light the contents of the glass on fire. He then poured water in it to almost the rim of the glass. By this time i remember thinking that this was going to be an awful experience and watched as my ex took the first sip. She loved it! I smelled it once, and reluctantly took a sip. Boy was i wrong! It wasnt awful - it was VILE. I attribute the taste reminiscent of a cross between cheap liquified black liquorice, burnt marshmallows and BILE! Due to this horrid first experience i stayed away from absinthe for a long time and never looked back. I am married now, and my wife and i are constantly milling around for new things to try. We were out of alcohol one saturday and decided to go into the liquor store for a restock. Before we hit the rum and vodka aisles which used to be our favorite poisons, but are still staple items in our home, we walked past the absinthes. I paused and picked up a bottle of Pernod. She had never had absinthe before, so i told her about my god awful first experience which made her nervous about trying it despite my telling her that it was served improper. I put down the Pernod and grabbed a bottle of Absente. We took it home and served it up properly. Despite being an oil mix anise bomb, we actually enjoyed it! We have been working on going through the different crapsinthes and worked up through the ansente, grand absente, mephisto (gross) to the genuine absinthes in an effort truly appreciate "the real stuff." last bottles we bought were lucid and Pernod, Which we totally and thoroughly enjoyed - the rest is history. Now next to my Vodka and her rum we always reserve at bottle of at a mininimum Lucid. as a christmas present to each other we are going to order 1901 and Terminus. Thank you to everyone for posting reviews so we know what to and what NOT to buy! Cheers!