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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all. I have't been on WS for a long time, but I'm not sure how many of you have subscribed to my Facebook page, so it's possible you'd miss the announcement. I've just gotten the labels so I'll be able to bottle this weekend. 1. There'll be a new expression of Blues Cat. I made this in January 2013 pretty much with the original herb bill, but more my coloring process and it uses Delaware Phoenix herbs and it's been sitting ever since. New York state has had a $250 fee for every brand label in every side for all spirits, renewed annually. Considering I'd have to add $1 or $2 to the wholesale price to cover the cost of this fee, I never did anything. Now that fee has been rescinded for all brands with production under 1000 gallons annually. Astor Wine and Spirits and Catskill Cellars have ordered this and so as Hudson Wine Merchants. If there are other stores you shop at, you may wish to request them to carry it. There will be about 150 bottles from this batch. 2. Meadow of Love will be available in a 375 ml size. I know for people here, maybe that is "so what?". But many people new to absinthe, or looking for absinthe simply to use in cocktails, have difficulty getting a full 750 ml size bottle. And many stores don't want to carry an expensive niche spirit with a relatively high price when they could sell 10x as much of another flavored vodka. I won't get to making deliveries until mid-next week, so it may be best to wait for the retailers to have the products. Thanks for all the support over the years all of you absinthe aficionados as it has been great to keep things going for 5 years. Let's hope the next five years are even better.