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Found 1 result

  1. Whenever new material is published on the home page, I'll post a notification in this thread. Please feel free to link to any new posts, share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I've been busy with the "real" world for quite a while, so I haven't been able to flesh out the educational materials on the home page at the rate I'd planned to, but I did make some time this past week during my incarceration at home with my good friend, Sydney-2012. A couple of fun pieces I ran across recently, one a propaganda item and one a piece of short fiction: Over an Absinthe Bottle by W. C. Morrow, 1897 An Early Absinthe Club, 1876 An excerpt from a pamphlet published by the U.S. Brewer's Association, ‪A Solution of the Temperance Problem‬, ‪Proposed by the Government of Switzerland‬, references a late 19th century absinthe drinking club for women. The recent discussions on Facebook about W.N. Arnold's work prompted me to find some more of his articles and the works that he cites in them. I hope to add as many as possible in the coming months. The first article that Dr. Arnold, PhD, wrote concerning thujone was—I believe—in 1988, Vincent van Gogh and the Thujone Connection. As I pointed out on FB, much of Arnold's personal interest (he's an art history buff) is focused on Van Gogh's illness and his pet theory that thujone played a significant part in it. He authored or consulted on a number of papers on the topic, in 1989, 1991, 1992, 1995, 1999, and 2004. Among the sources he cites are the below: American Journal of Pharmacy, 1868, Volume 40, Where we can find this insightful and objective passage: Which explains so many posts here. THE EFFECTS OF ABSINTHE by Emma E. Walker, M.D., New York, MEDICAL RECORD, VOLUME 70, Oct. 13, 1906 Clearly, she's writing for the gullible reader who's never actually seen absinthe or met an absinthe drinker. You think? Five grams! For the metrically challenged, that's 5000 mg. I'm surprised it took that long. You'd have to drink about 175 bottles of absinthe to get that much thujone. But this is my favorite: Where do I sign up?