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  1. -Note to admins - if this message does not fit the criteria of this section of the board, or if it is deemed inappropriate for the entire board in general, please do what you wish with it! - Hello, I have noticed since joining that there are a lot of you who run businesses, organizations, websites, or otherwise. Personally, I am seeking an opportunity to do my part and help those who mean well in the growing absinthe market. Ultimately my dream job would be to work either with a distiller, or in an absinthe bar, but for now this will do. I have had two years of clinical, corporate graphic design experience (I worked full-time as a designer and print production/bindery assistant), so I understand well the ins and outs of physical print marketing and brand identity. Whether you have a bar, a distillery, a website, or anything else, please feel free to contact me if you feel as if you could benefit from some help! I currently am unemployed, as I am endeavoring to get my foot in the door in my new residence abroad, so I have all the time in the world to work with you and figure out exactly what you would be looking for, to the best of my abilities. The big thing is, I just want to work with someone with regards to their budget. I will not be adding any hidden fees or any sort of tomfoolery - what you want is what you get. I have a portfolio and references available from previous associates upon request. I primarily work with Adobe Illustrator - if I grow into a partnership with someone who would need designs for physical print, I will make an investment to purchase InDesign, which I also have much experience with. I had primarily worked with the Creative Suite programs, and I even used to take people's files from other programs and edit them with said software. ...At any rate, thanks for reading! Pass this on to anyone if you feel as if they could benefit. Anyone interested, merely send me a private message. Thanks!