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  1. Hello there Absinthites! My name is Justin. I live in LA with my wife and daughter (but am originally from NY). Iv been lurking on the green fairy for a while now but have now begun to enjoy it for the first time. To be honest, I do not drink any other type of alcohol anymore. As someone who works in the creative side of advertising and branding I find Absinthe to be the perfect drink to open the mind but not get too sloppy at the same time Anyways, I am preaching the choir here. I do have one problem. I keep kosher. Which means that I am very limited in my alcohol consumption when it comes to grapes and grape-based drinks. As of now there are no kosher grape-based absinthes (but I have heard that Jade looked into it a couple of times). That leaves me with Absinthe with grain, sugar, beet etc alcohol bases. Anyways, this limits the kind of Absinthe I can enjoy and Most sites do not list the alcohol they use. I think there should be a rule about that. Anyways, I have done a little research and contacted a few distiliries and determined that the following Absinthes are "for the most part" kosher in that they do not contain grape alcohol or products. Lucid (Lucid actually has a hecher... a kosher seal from the orthodox union here in the US... otherwise known as an OU. Doubs Mystique (they might have a hechser as well) La Muse Verte Pacfique Vieux Carre Kuebler Un Emile (Emile Pernod) F Guy Lemercier La Fee Duplias Tenneyson Absinthe Royal Mansinthe Absinthe Original (I know I know) Absinthe King Gold (Again, I know I know) Can anyone add any specific disteillery, brand or product to this list? Also, if you are interested in producing kosher grape absinthe (in Israel or Califronia) let me know. I have a name all thought out and a greta brand story. Anyways... hello!