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  1. Of course, I was expecting the veterans of this site to get hostile. I no longer care of them. But thankx to all those who helped and answered my question. I respect your answers. And this site is a FORUM site which means that people communicate with each other to find answers/debate/and such FUCK
  2. When and by whom was the plant wormwood discovered and used into either medicine or Absinthe?
  3. What other ingredients are found in Absinthe (in general)?
  4. I have never heard of an Absinthe made in Asia or even used. What may be the reason?
  5. I love how the topic can change so fast to something verry different then the main topic was about. It makes these forums really funny. I am bored.
  6. Hello comrades, Marilyn Manson has a video named "Mobscene" which has a huge glass of our beloved Absinthe with a women probably representing the "Green Fairy" and a huge white sugar cube. You guys should check it out. Marilyn is a bit crazy i warm you...
  7. again im sorry and i t wasn't me
  8. Hello, My little cousin decided to mess around on the internet on all of my accounts and different websites. I am sorry for him annoying you guys.
  9. Hahaha I got you man. That's a nice song and I love how people get out of topic.
  10. Hello everyone, What do you prefer to listen to while you drink your Absinthe?
  11. Hey, www.deviantart.com has a pretty good and wide variety of pictures/posters/drawings of Absinthe