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  1. Roku gin (didn’t know it was available in the states yet until now)! https://distiller.com/spirits/suntory-roku-gin
  2. Martini here, too (with gin). Hope you and everyone else here are doing well.
  3. I was thinking the same thing! Tumbleweeds around here and good to see that you’re still tumbling! ;^> Hope you had a great one!
  4. Uncle Val’s Botanical gin out of Bend, OR. Expensive, but, sweet and mellow.
  5. Some weird drink in a glass. I dunno how they make these things. *shrugs*
  6. The Abyss (hey, I stumbled upon them “dirt cheap” at Costco. ;^>
  7. The Abyss (hey, I stumbled upon them “dirt cheap” at Costco. ;^>
  8. Some weird obscure beer from the PNW. Doesn’t matter. Another surgery for me. Heading to ATL in a couple of weeks for that. After two femur breaks last year? One would think one is done but oh, no! A rare right flank hernia, just for good measure. Thanks! I’m so excited! I shoukda posted this in the pissed off room but whatever. It is what it IS!
  9. 100% Kona coffee. Good stuff. Geaux Saints!!
  10. Mango margarita followed by a Pua Hana (kahlua, Bailey’s, grand margnier and a dash of coffee with cream on the top. Have to have my cream to finish things off. ;^>).
  11. New fashion (Hendricks gin, Lillet blanc, Aperol aperitif, Peychauds bitter and orange peel).