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  1. My Manhattans can go as high as a 1:1 ratio, depending on how Rye heavy the whisky is. At the moment I'm using Willett 5 year Rye, which is pretty robust stuff and can take some dilution, so as much as 1 1/2 - 2 oz if I feel like it. I wouldn't really go lower than 1 oz because the drink tends to taste unbalanced and I feel like I may as well just make an Old Fashioned. Things might be different with the Antica Formula though, I've never had it before so I could be in for a surprise. Hopefully a good one. Good point regarding the initial filling, I guess I was being too cautious. I've got some 20cl, 10cl and 50cl bottles kicking around so I'll use them.
  2. I'm trying to avoid decanting because it would require pouring, which means exposing the maximum possible surface area to oxygen. The good news is I've done a quick calculation and have discovered that 1 litre of Vermouth could make between 22 and 33 Manhattans. I'll probably give the Martinez a shot too. Should get through it well within two months.
  3. Just to share an idea I had: Put a spinal needle (about £15 with postage from amazon) through the cork and use a large syringe to draw up the measure. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the tips, guys. I've got a couple of empty 20 and 50cl bottles lying around I can use to decant the antica into. I guess that's one of the perks of buying the little flasks of Jade. I'll look into getting a vacuum sealer too.
  5. So I'm about to get a bottle of Carpano antica formula. I already have a great Rye whisky to mix with it to make a Manhattan. I have a couple of bottles of vermouth that I'm going to have to throw away because I've made a few martinis and manhattans with them and they've been sitting there for about a year untouched. I don't want the same thing to happen to the Carpano so I'm thinking of pre mixing some cocktails - Martini Vesper, Martini and Vodka Martinin, and the Manhattan - and bottling them. My logic is that the high alcohol content will help to preserve the vermouth for a very long time, especially if they're a high enough abv to be stored in the freezer, hopefully this way I can avoid wasting half a bottle of Carpano antica formula and Lillet Blanc. Thoughts?
  6. Hm, I know what you mean. I was in Hawmsmoor at Seven Dials a few months ago and experienced pretty much the same thing. They claim on the website they are trying to build London's best cocktail bars and they do some really good drinks (and fantastic food). But behind their bar was a bottle of Pernod for use in the Manhattan. I spent a good twenty minutes talking to the bartender about it, and found out he was drinking La Fee XS, so I named a few brands for him to try (and stock) and directed him here. Out of curiosity, has anyone heard from him?
  7. I wasn't claiming it could be a substitute. I was claiming it could well be like mixing a few dashes of a wormwood heavy blanche with vodka....to me that sounds good. The only problem is the only wormwood heavy blanche I have is the limited distillation of Wormwood Blanche that's so damn delicious I don't want to mix it with anything. Anyway. I was convinced this vodka would have a horribly bitter after taste to it, but apparently it doesn't. Adding thujone to the stuff before it is distilled really shouldn't make much of a difference at all, right? Because almost all of it is just going to be left behind. They macerate the wormwood and distill it along with anise, fennel and other herbs, so what sounds so awful? My knee jerk reaction to the thujone marketing was the same as yours, but I'm not going to claim a product is bound to be disgusting just because they're using whatever myths they can to turn a profit. Disgusting marketing is a different matter... They claim: And a lot of the reviews I've found on the net pretty much say the same thing like "creamy texture providing subtle notes of vanilla, caramel, aniseed and citrus." I had completely dismissed this too, but some reputable bars use it, like Nightjar (voted 3rd best in the world 2012), who also serve a wide variety of good absinthes (mainly I think the Jade and Pernot range from what I remember), so I'd trust them not to use czechsinthe crap, or anything resembling it. I'll try it when I get the chance and post back here.
  8. I've heard this is actually pretty good. They've basically created a blanche absinthe (it doesn't mention if the anise is star or green...), and watered it down to 40%. This means it can't legally be called absinthe (if my understanding is correct it has to be over 55% and contain green anise) but it is damn close to one. I'm guessing their profit margins are larger because they dilute it down and use much less of the herb distillate than would be used in a blended absinthe --- I can't remember the term for an absinthe made from numerous mixed distillates -- but it could be a good thing to introduce people to the flavours of absinthe without them having to shell out as much cash for a bottle, and this will be more popular in bars as it's a vodka. Has anyone tried it?
  9. Ah, I did do a search but couldn't find anything.
  10. Hi all, I recently came across Field of Dreams absinthe and wondered if anybody here had heard of or even tried it. The marketing copy is a bit , but you can understand a desire to drum up excitement about a product. Other than that it looks legit. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be available outside of SA.
  11. Thanks very much everybody! Had a good day.
  12. I'm thinking of just sticking the bottle away to use to introduce people to absinthe. It's a great way of explaining why I don't drink Pastis instead.
  13. Tasting the Wormwood Blanche neat I taste wormwood. At 1:1 I taste...wormwood. At 2:1 I taste wormwood. At 3:1 I taste wormwood and a very minor hint of anise and fennel that I get the impression was added simply to make it louche and to allow it to be called absinthe. I bought a bottle of Fontaine at the same time as the Blanche and was hoping they would be very similar; sadly the Fontaine is nowhere near as good, though without comparing it to the Blanche I would still say it was delicious. I love this pontarlier wormwood. I imagine it would work well in a Chrysanthemum alongside the Benedictine.
  14. I'm trying to order to St. Antoine. The price is remarkable (445 Kč = £15.56). I'm thinking the shipping isn't calculated properly and there doesn't appear to be a way of ordering on the site without paying on delivery. How did you guys go about ordering this?
  15. I know but it's incredulous that he wasn't already aware of the US regulations before he started trying to get France to change theirs; if he knew he was going to have to change it for the US market anyway then why bother?