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  1. Happy Birthday², Maggie! May you always land on your feet.
  2. I have the following: Absinth 58 blanche Absinth 60 verte Absinth 68 limitée Absinth 70 verte Absinth 80 brut I fully recognize my palate isn't trained enough to offer the kind of insight some of the cognoscenti can offer, but I can say nothing but positives for the entire line. I find the vertes somewhat more complex and appealing (probably obvious). Not to say the blanches are wanting. The louche produced by the 80% Brut is nothing short of amazing. Great mouth feel. Creamy as all get-out. As for the 60 verte (made using "fresh" A.a.) versus the 68 limitée, I am unable to adequately describe the difference. Only that I like them both and would order both again once my current bottles are consumed. (Goes for the whole line). DeepForest indictated in an earlier post that the 70 verte is the only one with star anise. I cannot detect it, perhaps a compliment to the nice herbal balance? As for ordering. My bottles (excepting the 68 limitée) were hand-carried by a traveling colleague who went to Germany earlier this year. I have had good experiences with all vendors (including Alandia) so am not reluctant to recommend Alandia if you cannot obtain any of these from your preferred vendors. AFAIK, the folks at Eichelberger presently have no direct mechanism for shipping to the U.S. (edited [see strikethrough] to correct my misunderstanding about star anise in the Eichelberger absinthes)
  3. Happy Birthday, Wujiman! Hope the absinthe quest is going well.
  4. Happy Birthday, Derrick! It's about time...
  5. Happy Birthday, Gertz! And wishes for many more. How old are you again?
  6. Out of curiosity (and with full understanding if you do not want to divulge even these tidbits), do you mind indicating the base alcohol for the Marteau? Also, when you mention the Duplais Suisse Protocol, do you mean the versions in the books or are there more detailed descriptions of the process available from other sources?
  7. Happy Belated, Dillinger! Here's to "poisonously bitter and sharp and entertaining concoctions":
  8. Happy Birthday, britgeekgrrl! There are worse things that finding yourself in a Dorothy Parker epigram: "The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."
  9. Sincerely belated wishes, Vincere! Whew! Made it before this stage: Help me, Dr. Zaius!
  10. Happy belated, HB! Keep moving. You know what happens when you slow down...
  11. I'd be curious to know what it cost Robert Cassell to set up his distillery, get the necessary licenses, etc... and roll out his first bottles. Perhaps as importantly, the sales volume it takes to remain viable.
  12. Happy Birthday, CC! Here's to obscure booze!
  13. Talk about a passion! Robert Cassel has created an outstanding gin. Now if we can only see similar endeavors on the absinthe front (U.S., I mean). Calling WS members?
  14. Check out the tangential discussion here.
  15. This calls for Grim's elevation from "Advanced Member" to "Grand Theorist", though many more alternatives come to mind.
  16. No sir. He didn't state that, specifically... though he may choose to macerate at that strength, his absinthe would be an anisated vodka if he "use[d] 96% spirit during... distillation," especially at so slow a rate. Grim, I intentionally posed the question that way. I fully expected to hear that the spirit was reduced to approximately 60% just before distillation, but was hoping Deep Forest could elaborate. I was more interested in the likelihood the maceration proceeded at 96%. I'm curious whether this significantly accounts for the louche intensity and the generally "sweet" profile (more "solubilization" of important flavors/oils...) or is it something else about the distillation process itself. I know, the herb composition is key as well, just trying to put things in context (in my own mind anyway). Does using a slow distillation technique yield a richer "tail" and does this require using a slower temperature gradient (rather than an "instant" heating ala steam)? If calamus is a likely contributor to bitterness and aging will mellow its bite, then I assume it is susceptible to artificially enhanced aging using UV/sunlight exposure or the oxidative Cusenier process?
  17. Any preferences on the absinthe used in a Sazerac? I've used several and most were fine, but last night I tried using Libertine 72 and it came out quite different than the others. Probably won't use it again. As with Hiram, I would endorse both Old Overholt and the Rittenhouse for this cocktail. Michter's was good too, but seemed like a waste at over double the cost of the others. Besides, I like it better straight.
  18. You use 96% spirit during the maceration and distillation? The recipes I recall seeing in Duplais and DeBrevans use 85% spirit. I think I remember a recipe from Monzert that called for 95% spirit.
  19. Thanks! I didn't see any mention of the "9 to 10 hours" on the Alandia site. This is distillation time alone, or does it include the coloring step? Now that you mentioned the star anise, could you identify one of the Eichelberger absinths that have it. I am still trying to train my palate to discern subtle flavors and if it is present in a small quantity, I'd like to try to see if I can figure it out. I have the following: Absinth 58 blanche Absinth 60 verte Absinth 68 limitée Absinth 70 verte Absinth 80 brut
  20. Perhaps I missed it, but how small? I, too, am incredibly impressed by the louche you obtain in your recipes. The newer offerings from the good folks at Eichelberger are truly astonishing. The "Absinth 80 brut" in particular looks like cream when it louches...
  21. Happy Birthday, Maggie! A three week celebration! That's not subliminal, that's sublime. You may have been caught, but I see no victims here...
  22. Happy Birthday, GPB! Here's to another year! "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." [HPL - "The Nameless City"]
  23. This just in... MM inspired absinthe just what the idol-worshipers ordered. Authorities caution: excessive consumption leads to: (sarcasm alert: no criticism of Markus' products intended. I fully expect prototype 35 and related absinthe will be terrific.)
  24. The nice folks at Park Avenue treated me right as well. Though I was told (by phone) they shipped their last bottles (from their first allotment) to me about 2 weeks ago. I was assured they would have more by early August. (BTW, their web site does not seem to show Lucid at the moment. I assume it will be back on their site once they are re-stocked).
  25. 209 Gin and Tonics. Comparing HG (see associated thread) Tonic with Stirrings Tonic Water. Even the wife agrees the home made is better. Less sweet. More flavorful.