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  1. Yikes! A birthday celebration every month! You must be old as Methuselah.
  2. Ah, well. I'd agree that over-analyzing will ruin most anything. Absinthe included. Of course, I wasn't soliciting encyclopedic reviews. Nor garrulous rants. A terse, but cogent review is probably ideal. To me, the most curious comments are the "change of hearts" testaments. I know, I know, maturation is the likely culprit. Hellfire! I ain't about to give up my right to change my opinion and I would't fault anyone else for the same. I would like to know how often it is a change in taste (human) versus a change in the absinthe itself. If the latter, is there reason to expect certain absinthes to "age" better than others?
  3. Geez! A raw nerve struck here! I count myself among the neophytes and thought I'd throw in my coppers. Ruling out comparisons between the CO and HG seems too restrictive to me. Just as restrictive as not comparing the "vertes and the blanches". Even with my limited experience, I know they are different. However, what I am looking for in a review is not a simple "this is crap and I dumped it down the commode" (even if it deserved it). I yearn for "whole" reviews. Those that strive to capture the entire qualities of the product, or lack thereof. I still cannot figure out all the flavors (especially by source, e.g. hyssop versus veronica), but am beginning to note the "overall" differences between the products I do have access to. In my own uncultured way I have begun to rank the absinthes I've tried, but make no pretense that I could convincingly tell you what distinguishes one as better than another. This is where a good review can serve someone like me. The more complete the description (and comparison/reference to other absinthes), the better I can judge my own experience. I have no quarrel with personal preference, but it is more useful to me to read "why" the reviewer has come to his/her conclusions that to just see the "bottom line"... The debate has been fascinating, and it is quite clear that most of you have the hides of rhinoceroses.
  4. The avatar is indeed from the Bad Mojo game. I had to clean it up a bit, resize and whatnot. One of my favorite games and a striking image, if I must say so myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the game when it was first released (way back in 1996). An updated version was released last winter and, though a little dated, is still a great little adventure. There are images and sounds from the game that still give me the "creeping willies"... I created a "PocketPC Theme" based on the image, too. See the following link. Because the image is complex, it works best if you turn off most of the on-screen text (I use a minimal layout: just the date/time text line at the top of the screen). Bad Mojo PocketPC Theme
  5. Now, Pedlar... If you are going to bring up Absinthe and a kiss in the same breath, I'm going to have to make reference to a favorite song. Whenever obsession, desire, ecstacy, and tragedy converge, songs like this must be playing in the background... Tom Wait's "Alice" off the selfsame titled CD: "And so a secret kiss Brings madness with the bliss" For a free mp3 of the song: "Alice" mp3 More info: Tom Wait's "Alice" background... Gratuitous plug over. Please go on, Sandpedlar! I am curious to know if others experience the scent/aroma/flavour as sensually as Sandpedlar clearly does. Any other intoxicants in the same category (alcohol-based only please)?
  6. Happy Birthday! Your profile says you have a fascination with the sky. Given the occasion, I am reminded of a movie scene and a song: The song, appropriately enough: "Happy Birthday" by Altered Images linkBand link and part of the song (and lyrics, simple as they are) The singer, Clare Grogan, was in the movie "Gregory's Girl" by Bill Forsyth. There is a terrific scene near the end when Clare's character and "Gregory" share a moment gazing up into the sky that is just cinematic perfection. Besides capturing the wonder of "first love"... Oh, well. A little sentimentality never hurt anyone. Especially on a birthday.
  7. Ninety nine bottles of absinthe on the wall... Oops, 98 bottles... Here's to decrementing age!
  8. Much wisdom has been offered. I'm going with number two. Gotta love that "more for me logic" as well. Besides, I doubt I could find anyone else who could tolerate me...
  9. Over the last couple of months, I've noticed the following: If I have had a glass or two of absinthe before retiring, I seem to experience an altered sleep pattern. (I am usually somewhat sleep-deprived, a consequence of being a "night-owl"). However, after imbibing absinthe, my sleep is "less deep", or at least I am much more easily awakened. Further, when I wake up, I am up! No particular grogginess or lethargy, rather a "bound to wakefulness". Can't say I note any real change in dreaming, but just the general experience of wakefulness or perhaps alertness. Any similar experiences? Or should I chalk it up to advancing "middle age"?
  10. In deference to my wife (no fan of anise or licorice), would the WS intelligentsia recommend any particular absinthe with the least "anise-like" flavour or perhaps any of the so-called "anise-free" brands? The "Absinthe Serpis Dry 55%" comes to mind, but I've not had the opportunity to try it. (She thought the Montmarte was the best she's tried so far...)
  11. Happy Birthday, however belated! Assuming you have a penchant for sugar in your absinthe, I figure your name and the association with this fellow makes perfect sense. Sugar Gliders spend their lives in the canopy of the rainforest, which has an abundant source of nectar and insects for them to feed on. The sugar glider is extremely agile and can glide, or volpane, for at least fifty metres.
  12. Hiram, I would like to suggest a second sort of review section (not here in the Forum, but for the "Reviews" section off the main WS page). I liked the existing narrative reviews (on hiatus, I know). They add detail that helps me understand what individual reviewers like and dislike about a given product. To add to this, I would like to see a numeric or even graphic composite of the votes of WS members for particular products. I was thinking that a "radio-button" like interface could be used to help members "vote" for value scales like "overall quality", "value" (quality versus cost), "burnt", "anise", "louche", however many characteristics you might want to use. As members vote, a composite score would accumulate and reflect the WS assessment (bias, for those who doubt). Kind of like the poll results you have employed. I suggest this out of purely selfish motives, as I am still testing the absinthe waters myself. My budget dictates I be selective in purchasing, but over time, I should be able to try a good variety. The question will always be "in what order", or "when should I avoid a product entirely", or "is it worth the money even if it is guaranteed not to be a favorite", etc... If I were to be able to make the WS events, I would be able to try a wider variety and perhaps avoid those choices I'd otherwise regret after a purchase. A guide like the one described above would be helpful before chucking the ol' greenbacks across the pond. Might be fun too. Basically, an expanded version of the "recommended" list you already have in the Vendor section, just with the scores/results incorporated. Too much work? Too much trouble? I don't know much about web site building or how hard it would be to conjure up such a tool, but wanted to make the suggestion.
  13. I am reminded of the sword swallower's saying: "A closed mouth gathers no sword." Here's to absinthe as a better alternative! Birthday greetings.
  14. Backhanded compliment? Slam? A little of both? Jack, you seem to be a most discriminating imbiber. Would you offer a ranking of absinthes (superior, palatable, ordinary, dreck... or whatever scale you prefer) in your experience. You've remarked on a number of products in your many posts here, but a concise list might be enlightening to us new folk. Especially the remote ones like myself who are trying to figure out what constitutes good from bad. Your reference to "burnt" absinthes is a good example. I am trying to bridge the verbal description with the taste itself. I know, there is no substitute for experience, but short of attending a WS event... Anyone else want to chime in, please do.
  15. I've only made a few trans-Atlantic purchases and every time the shipping/handling just kills me. I was seriously considering a purchase from the outlet in Spain (Fine Spirits Corner), but I couldn't believe the transportation cost! Unlike the other vendors, it would have cost more than the product itself to have it shipped (one or two bottles). As I increased the quantity, the shipping went up just as fast. The other vendors I've tried had the opposite pattern: as I added additional bottles, the total shipping increased, but the "per-bottle" portion dropped. To order the equivalent combination from the different vendors yielded radically different shipping costs. Is there a secret to getting a good value on shipping from Fine Spirits Corner? Or the other vendors, for that matter? (I've yet to order anything twice, as I'm trying to get a sense of the range of tastes, quality, etc... available commercially. Excluding the universally reviled dreck, I figure at least one more order before I begin to settle into a selection of favorites.)
  16. I'd second the "Kbler" if you don't want or can justify ($$) the Clandestine. I suppose it is just me and my lack of "palate training", but I've enjoyed most everything I've tried. My biggest complaint is the terrific hit you take in shipping. After the first bottle (and ferocious shipping), I figured it made more sense to order several and have the shipping cost "amortized" across the lot. Barring buying a "6-pack" of the same thing to economize on the courier and handling, what combo would be the best of quality and yet be easiest on the pocketbook? Or is it better to go for variety and shipping be damned? [bTW, I considered ordering from Spain, but the shipping and handling from these "Fine" folks killed off all enthusiasm. Off to sulk...]
  17. The "La Mer" link worked fine. The "Beyond the Sea" link seems broken...
  18. Hiram! Is that an "action figure" on the commode?
  19. The meeting I attended was in late November/early December to the best of my recollection. My colleagues did tease me with tales of raw, unadulterated sunshine (they hired a car and drove to Mt. Ranier). Apparently, when you drive up mountains, you eventually rise above the clouds! I do recall the food (especially seafood) was excellent. And for someone attending a meeting about parasites and disease, diversions like food are all important. The tickets are for July 26 - Aug 2. Maybe we'll have a few clear days after all. My wife remarked earlier this evening that we'll have to take our passports if we want to go to Canadia (and bring copies of birth certificates for the kids [10, 13, and 16yrs, respectively]). I thought these restrictions weren't expected 'til 2008?
  20. May your fondest dreams, and all that folderall...
  21. With apologies to (at least some of) the rest of you, I'm with ShaiHulud. If I want commercial labels on everything, I'd ask for them. If I pay for conventional spoons, by ghod, that's what I expect in the shipping box. Personally, I prefer the labels on the bottles, on the serving trays, etc... not on the glasses or spoons. Then again, I don't use the spoons for myself (no sugar for me, sir!). But for guests and friends, I want to use a combination that suits the event. The guzzlers and subscribers to "Modern Drunkard" won't care, but when it comes to first impressions, I'd rather not roll out the tacky and commercially blunt-ware. If I want product placement (in places I don't want), I'll go to the movies. By the way, the idea of the red glasses, doesn't seem so bad if you are serving "Serpis", but then again, how would you know? That "red-on-red" thing leaves me knackered, just thinking about it.
  22. Well, I have tickets for the self and family for a trip to Seattle (July 26th - August 2nd). Expect to drive up to Vancouver if there is time. Any recommendations for "must see/experience" places or events? I was in Seattle for a meeting back in '91 and never got out of the downtown area. Did enjoy the fish market though. Also got to see the vast racks of manga at several stores, too. Honestly, how many of you "locals" have those high intensity lamps to treat SAD? I was only there for a week, but for a native from Phoenix, even that was a long time with nary a peek of sunshine...
  23. Yikes! "B'day" was not meant in any way, shape, or fashion to resemble "bidet". Good for a chuckle though, Hiram. I figured my bumbling attempt to make reference to "The Fifth Element" (a little google-bird said it was your favorite...) would be the inspiration for any tangents. Who knew? As for the Texas locale and "welcome wagon", I hope we hear no tales of any barkeeps being dragged behind a pickup truck, no matter how bad the beer is... I'll take the opportunity to insinuate another anecdote. On a trip through the great state of Texas (one bitter winter break from college), I was outside some hell-hole named "Van Horn" on my way to Phoenix. 'Stopped at a truck stop for something to eat and ran into a young hispanic fellow and his little brother. Seems he'd run out of gas and the truck stop clerks wouldn't sell him any (pumps had just closed, don't you know). I siphoned a couple of gallons out of my tank to help him get to El Paso. What a miserable night. Nothing like freezing your hands with spilt/volatilizing gas in the middle of winter...
  24. I heard you were "boron" today (for the Bruce Willis fans). Thought I'd suggest the following link as worth a chuckle if my attempt at sly reference makes sense: Elements Have a great one, with absinthe of course!
  25. Care to elaborate? Scarcity? Antiquity? Legality?