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  1. Welcome, oh feline one! Isn't it interesting how history can be made in less than a year? Not meant to be sly, I count myself in the same camp. (I just love how "prom girl" and "mechanical engineer" end up in the same paragraph. Life's opportunities tell me THESE are the "good old days".)
  2. There is no cereal scarier than "Cap'n Crunch". Makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. Why I even have teeth left after eating as much of those sugary cereals (as a kid), I don't know... Probably explains why I don't use sugar in absinthe.
  3. Ompir, Did you have any success on your trip across the pond? (BTW, I don't know if 3 constitutes a critical mass as far as green hour planning goes, but there are at least 3 WS members here in Atlanta: Oscar, you and myself.)
  4. Egads, will the birthdays never end? (Hope not!) Here's Isoldi Keene (played by Louis Willoughby) wishing you a terrific birthday. Nothing like an image from 1922 (anti-LDS propaganda film from the U.K. that was banned in the U.S.) to keep you on your toes. Given that you've strayed (some would say "fallen"), you might be interested in this film, if only for a laugh.
  5. One of the packages I received had "antique" appended. I suspect they just want to double check the value of the items to make sure no additional customs fee (tax) is required. Besides, if the spoons are made of "precious" metals, the value on the customs form may seem too low to the customs agent or the shipping rep (hence statement #1)...
  6. Welcome, indeed! What have you had the chance to try? Any favorites? (Ah! Montana's Glacier National Park! A great jumping off place for visiting the "Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump" museum in Canadia.)
  7. Yow! OK, I have to ask: Where do the ribs and liver go? After "adjusting" to a corset (as you mention getting down to a 18" to 20" waist), does the "change" persist when the corset is off? I guess I am wondering if you have to make sure to wear the corset on a regular basis to keep the form/figure or is the rib cage/peritoneal cavity rendered "malleable" or "flexible" after using the corset for a while? Ignoring aesthetics for the moment, there must be extremes of corset training that become unhealthy? My other question has more to do with motivation. Is it the shape that is most desirable or is it in part the "confining" nature of the corset that is appealing? Last question. I thought corsets were worn under other clothing (concealed), but nowadays they seem to be on display. Is this just modern usage or is my sense of history just quaint? Given your care and attention to detail, I'd rather the corsets be in plain view!
  8. Wecome! Corset making and taxidermy? Seems like a most unusual pairing. If I recall correctly, whale bone was used in early corsets. I am guessing you use synthetics? The green corset is divine! (I hadn't thought much about corsets until I read about Fakir Musafar in "Modern Primitives", but I am nothing if not astonished by the ingenuity of the makers and the incredible discipline of those who wear them...)
  9. Welcome! I can't see a single miss in your first order. And I'm with you on the shipping. I've placed 4 orders over the last 7 months and wish that I'd have consolidated at least 2, if not 3 of them... Probably would've been able to afford another couple bottles... No service life for me (my Dad was in the Air Force, for what it's worth). My brother teases me 'cause I was in the short span of years (mid/late 70's) where I never even had to register. A half-brother was in the Army and many cousins/uncles in various parts of the armed services. I have a lot of respect for folks who serve in whatever capacity. Even if it means shore leave binges and coming home with Filipino wives! No offense meant with that last, but my cousin's overseas marriage was undone as soon as she got her family moved here to the states...
  10. Greetings and salutations! I'll add my voice to the chorus recommending the Kübler. In the upper ranks of my short list...
  11. Belated "Grattis pa fodelsedagen!". Cheers and more cheers!
  12. What the heck is that pink stuff? Looks kinda like Pepto Bismol... I nearly bought an art deco liquor cabinet off eBay that looked similar to yours. I really like the finish on these and they have that nostalgia thing going for them too... Great buy on the instant fountain. Even with the cheapest mail order supplier, I spent more on my spigots that you did for the entire setup.
  13. I've got A.a. growing in my garden for the first time. Attractive, but not nearly as "showy" as the "Powis Castle". Both wonderfully fragrant when "handled". Given this is my first growing season, should I expect them to survive the winter and return? I've grown plants from cuttings before, including air-layering difficult specimens. I take it these are fairly easy?
  14. Several members remark that certain absinthes "mellow" or lose their disagreeable funk over time. I'll ask the question, even though the answer is predictable ("it depends"): How long? Does the bottle need to opened before "aging" or can a new bottle simply be allowed to rest for a particular length of time? What is really happening? Some constituent degrading? If this is commonplace, why not "age" the commercial absinthe before selling it? There are plenty of other spirits that are purposefully "aged" before being sold to the consumer.
  15. Anybody taken a gander at this? eBay 19th Century Alambic If link doesn't work, try searching for this item# on the eBay page: 4405616217 Supposed to be authentic (looks like it to my uneducated eye). I'm guessing the reserve is mighty high on this item (but probably deservedly so). Given this is a "table-top" unit and supposed to be in working order, any reason to think it should only be a museum piece? That is, would a modern still be preferred (and cheaper too)? Or is authenticity worth this kind of money if you are into HG?
  16. Belated b'day salutations! Hope you're still celebrating!
  17. After peeking at the site listed above, I spied the "Obituary Cocktail" and am curious about the merits of this cocoction. I only have a bottles of "Tanqueray No. 10" and "Bafferts" on the gin front. I figure the latter may be better, if only because it is "lighter" and may let the absinthe shine through. Any particular pairing of gin and absinthe that works best? Preferences?
  18. I'm in the no sugar camp, myself. Like Jack, I agree it adds texture, but I don't like the extra sweetness (it is more than sweet enough already for me). I'm still looking for an alternative to sugar for adding texture. I do miss the extra drop in temperature as the sugar dissolves (it's endothermic, after all). As for the spoons, I find them appealing, but since I don't use them, they rarely stray from the liquor cabinet. It would look silly to assemble the fountain, spoon and glass only to stream the water through a sugarless spoon! But then again, it wouldn't be as ridiculous as the flaming ritual. I figure any flaming ritual fanatic is tempting spontaneous human combustion...
  19. It's still there... Happy Happy Joy Joy
  20. Hiram, A masterpiece, without question. However, if in token/coin form, what about the verso? Would probably be terrific on the appropriate colored T-shirt as well. Or, not that it should be covered up, how 'bout as a drink "coaster"?
  21. Thanks to one and all. For what it's worth, I enjoyed a couple of louched glasses while watching "The Man Who Fell To Earth". A curious trip, indeed!
  22. Mrs. H., I am truly impressed! I love the hint of exhibitionism and the bold colors. Not sure if I see tapestry or rug, but the latter is more likely given my state of mind. Carnal? You bet! Probably made more so by the absence of cephali (of course, the abstract forms make it easier to project oneself into the scene). Were I to collect the funds for such a treasure, I'd probably have to consign it to my basement office (along with my Voodoo Flag of the "Grand Bob" and my reproduction of "Theodore Death Head" by Pascal Doury). The kids are just not ready for the like, at least not the youngest. Ah, the nun! Conjures up my second grade at St. Gregory's in Phoenix: Sister Philomena. I was well behaved and rarely got on her punishing side. Of course you would have to age the nun in the drawing/portrait about a century to approximate the good Sister. (I love the brick motif below the habit, it is so confining). My poor brother couldn't take the Catholic school (he had the pretty nun) and had to be relocated mid-year to the public school (where he prospered). I liked Catholic school (2nd, 3rd grade and then a skip to 7th grade) except for my run-in over evolution. The 7th grade teacher (actually not a nun) tried to humiliate me over my defense, but it just made me dig in my heels. Best of luck on eBay. Do you plan to re-list or add additional paintings/drawings? Lastly, any absinthe-inspired work? Or even subject matter (I'm thinking still life)?
  23. Gatsby, I am not entirely sure I understand your use of the reptile light. Are you simply locating the bottle near the lamp? I wouldn't expect much penetration by the most reactive wavelengths. Glass is pretty good at stopping UV. And many liquor bottles, (absinthe included) are tinted, which may further block UV penetration. The bearded dragon and iguana in our house clearly enjoyed the UV lamps we have used. I always wondered why they didn't go blind with all that UV beaming at them... The lamps sure did a good job of prematurely fading the background graphic panels in the cages. Perhaps most importantly, how do you decide when you've have enough light exposure? Taste test?