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  1. Happy Birthday, elfnmagik! Your sig got me thinking... Trappist! (Pardon my mangling of the song. )
  2. I grabbed a frame with the bottle. Made for TV or is this something on the market?
  3. Reject from the "R" rated version of "Peter Pan"...
  4. I watched this week's episode of Showtime's new series "Californication" with David Duchovny and what do you know: absinthe plays a minor role and is mentioned in the episode title. Episode 6 of Californication I tried to make out the label on the bottle, but it is too indistinct (or at least I don't recognize the label from anything I've seen before). Sadly, it appears the characters are drinking the absinthe straight from the bottle. No louche. Pale green liquid in absinthe glasses. They show a spoon and what appears to be a bowl of sugar, but thank ghod, nothing was set on fire... Too bad they didn't work something real into the episode. With the recent release of Lucid, this would have been a nice opportunity for a product placement...
  5. Terrific news! My bottle of K53 is just about out. While not at the top of my list, it sure beats a lot of the other bottles I've acquired the last couple of years. And for the price, it's an easy purchase. Question: Any liquor stores in Vegas worth contacting for purchase/shipping? Or is it better to wait for the good folks in NY?
  6. Happy Birthday, Hartsmar! Nothing beats the blahs like l'heure verte...
  7. A slightly temperamental blanche while listening to Eyeless in Gaza's "Song of the Beautiful Wanton" CD. Gorgeous!
  8. Happy Birthday (a little late), Alyssa! Hope it was great!
  9. Happy Birthday, Absinthist! (I can tell you're busy celebratin', so to add to the festivities...)
  10. Happy Birthday, Grey Boy! The Grey Council recommends l'heure verte!
  11. Happy Birthday, Werewolf7! You've been scarce. I guess the absinthe hangovers finally got to you...
  12. Missed the opportunity to say "Welcome", so here it is... Bohemia? Consider peeking at the WS City Roll Call thread. Then take a gander at the WS presence on Frappr. (You can jump to these threads/sites by just "clicking" on the underlined text). As for suggestions, consider one of the Eichelbergers (Limitée 68 or the 70 Verte). The short list of commendable absinthe is actually not so short. And there are lots of opinions on where to start.
  13. Welcome, Leif! Do you have any favorites (absinthe, of course)? Regrets?
  14. Optimist! Ain't you heard of Sturgeon's Law? [Oh, welcome, Dillinger! Glad to see you settling in.]
  15. Happy Birthday (belated), Ubu!
  16. As much as I relish a good discussion on GABA antagonists, I must admit I have a preference (at least for entertainment purposes): Care to guess which muse I prefer? (Depending on chemotype, these may or may not be candidates for "Separated at Birth (distillation)"...)
  17. It makes me chuckle to see "hand blown" in quotes...
  18. I don't know what to say. I know the PC was purchased at a reputable local nursery (Pike's) and had a distinct grower's label on it (I'll try to dig it up tomorrow). The leaves are more delicate/finely divided than the A.a. and the scent is notable different. Again, I wasn't expecting it to bloom, but it is not unheard of from my own reading, just uncommon. My other two PC plants are showing no signs of blooming, but they did not come back as robust as this one did this year. Anybody else have a PC bloom? I really don't think I could have mixed them up (as I mentioned before, I only obtained two A.a. plants last year and one of them died). This particular PC plant did not grow from seed at my hands, rather came back from the potted parent plant I obtained last year. Folks at Dave's Garden report it blooming, but show no photos... It is curious to me that when these plants "shot up" to form the blooms, they began to look more alike, but when they were in their early/mid Spring growth phase they looked quite different. Sadly, I have close-up photos of the A.a. foliage, but my PC shots are a little too far back for a really good comparison.
  19. It is indeed PC. I posted a pic of the plant from earlier in the summer, but will include it again, here: By August, it had become much taller/leggy and flowered! I wasn't expecting the flowering to occur, but there it was! Of note, two other PC plants (one in a pot and the other in the flower bed in my front yard) have no sign of flowers. All three are second year plants, but I guess the extra pampering I gave the one in the photo (re-potted, a little extra fertilizer...) paid off. I got all of the PC from a local nursery. The A.a. I got from Mountain Valley Growers. It didn't flower much the first year, but this second year was terrific. I'll post successive images of the flower parts of the A.a. and the PC for comparison. Pretty hard to tell apart, but you may notice the PC is a little greener and has more finely divided leaves. Afraid I didn't get pics any better than these.
  20. FWIW, my Powis Castle bloomed up a storm this year. Here is a pic of it hanging in my garage, drying: Whether it would be worth using in absinthe production is for someone else to say. Most of what I've read suggests the scent/taste profile is too different from A.a. to be worth using. Sure smells good though.
  21. Happy Belated, Shinsain! As a Ginsberg fan, you may have heard of a poet he enjoyed: Antler. In particular, Ginsberg thought Antler's poem "Factory" quite good. Here is an excerpt: FACTORY I read a big chunk of it when published in the Winter 1979/1980 issue of the magazine Coevolution Quarterly (wow, that was a long time ago) and bought the book when it was released. Worth tracking down.