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  1. As for the flu/vaccine discussion, never underestimate the value of "herd immunity". Just check the following out:


    New Englang Journal of Medicine Article Abstract re: Flu


    The upshot is that vaccinating children may be more valuable than focusing on the elderly or otherwise healthy adults.


    I'm all for vaccination (if safety is sufficiently higher than not vaccinating). Wish I'd had access to a chickenpox vaccine when I was a kid. I wouldn't have to deal with getting shingles when the damn virus comes out of hiding in my nervous system (kinda like herpes simplex - "cold sores"). At least one of my kids is young enough to have been vaccinated. The older two both got chicken pox...


    Think too of the recently developed human papillomavirus vaccine (causes genital warts). This revolutionary vaccine is going to prevent almost all cases of cervical cancer (turns out most are a result of this viral infection). The vaccine has a terrific safety record in adults and testing in adolescents/children is underway. Sadly, administering it to kids is going to be necessary given the increasingly early ages that kids have their first sexual experiences.

  2. Step right up and get yer shot

    Get 'em while there hot

    It'll kill the fungus among us

    Without a doubt it'll cure your gout

    It's better for your lumbago than an orange Faygo

    Step right up and get yer shot

    It's the way to get what everyone's got.


    Sounds like a variation on Tom Wait's classic "Step Right Up" from his "Small Change" album. Seems I recall he won a lawsuit against Frito Lay for ripping off the song in one of their commercials...

  3. Although it has a fragrance that is similar to Absinthium, it never flowers. This is probably why it is unsuitable for absinthe making.


    Is there a particular reason for the "flowering" note. If PC did flower, why would that make it suitable? Intensification/concentration of the flavour? I thought young leaves/tips would be all that was necessary.


    I've got A. absinthium and PC growing in my garden this year and must say the PC is more fragrant. Seems like it ought to work great.


    On a side note, should I expect either or both to come back next year? That is, will they survive the relatively mild Atlanta winter? I don't expect to have difficulty obtaining new plants next year, but if they perform better in subsequent years, I won't dig them up before re-planting the beds next Spring. What about the extras I have in large pots? Protect them in the garage or leave 'em out in the yard?

  4. I guess I could argue both sides, but I really would hate to see the mystique (exclusivity) of absinthe's "contraband" status disappear. More worrisome would be the consequence of a "flood" of cheap, if drinkable, absinthe hitting the market. Where would that leave the small distilleries and the artisanal producers? Would enough folks buy such absinthe at 2, 3, 4 times the price of the commercial stuff? I suspect the answer is "yes", but is that enough to keep 'em in business?

  5. Bill Gates, eh?


    Bill has, of late, invested big $$$ in malaria control projects. Given absinthe's history as a treatment (sic) for malaria and the now well established value of artemisinin (from "sweet wormwood" [Artemisia annua]) as an anti-malarial...


    Perhaps a custom distillery making an anti-malarial absinthe with "sweet wormwood"...


    Two birds, one stone, and Bill enters both the booze and pharmaceutical industries in one swell foop.

  6. The August/September issue of the online version of Reason magazine has an article remarking on the current state of affairs re: absinthe. More a concise review of Jad Adams "Hideous Absinthe" than anything else, it does comment on the recent legalization of absinthe production/sale in Switzerland. And points out the obvious flaws in the marketing (and quality) of most Czech absinth.


    Nicely done.


    Reason Magazine "The Search for Real Absinthe"

  7. Too funny!


    I don't follow the French, but I would have set it up with a "Buy it Now" at some outrageous price, but let folks bid on it anyway. Or maybe have the "Reserve" at the outrageous price so noone would ever get there. That way, a bunch of us could bid, but never get to the Reserve. Make it look like you've got a compelling find...


    Just to see it is a treat. And it's not even Halloween yet.

  8. Add another welcome, Graham!


    My first order was from Alandia. I've since followed with additional orders and the service has been spot on. I've also ordered from Liqueurs de France and they were great, too.


    I've had the Un Emile and the Kübler and think both are good. 'Probably prefer the Kübler.


    Either would be fine for a first effort.

  9. Thanks for the warm invite, Oscar. I look forward to an "Eastern" Green Hour.


    When you are a newcomer like me, it seems a long way from apprentice to journeyman, let alone master. I'm still sorting out the various characteristics of the absinthe I've acquired, but having the guidance of one of the absinthe cognoscenti (just down the road as it turns out) ought to keep me from straying down too many dead ends.


    (Hiram: striking pose I must say. I hope you've never had to use the "cane" at a WS event!)