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  1. Are we talking "archeological old", or just "old"? As for: I recall sitting around a monochrome terminal in a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas (too many years ago to say exactly), with the self-same words crawling across the screen. Some students from the University of Arkansas had managed to bring the terminal over along with a modem (ancient, by today's standards) to connect to the University's mainframe computer. I was attending a science fiction convention (RockCon) and this was my first encounter with a computer "Adventure" game. And to think I was programming FORTRAN on punch cards, to boot! Times sure have changed.
  2. sandpedlar, Yeah, that was the jist of it. 'Just seems odd that a person could take a legal alcohol base (from a passable vodka to something of higher quality), mix in whatever extract you preferred, or soaked a bag of herbs and it would bring down no wrath from the authorities (personal consumption, granted). But you consider "re-distilling" and it crosses that dad gum legal boundary. Take home message: macerate, safe. Distill at your own risk. I suppose the follow-up question is whether a macerate-only approach ever yields a worthwhile HG?
  3. If you've rummaged around the site, you'll know there are many advocates of sugar and those who eschew it. I'm with the latter. I'm happy to give up part of the "mouth feel" to avoid the overly sweet result of the sugar cube/lump. As with Stroller, I'd probably gag on 2. Where to go next? Best to try several more glasses with and without sugar. My own ratio (water:absinthe) preference is somewhere between 3:1 and 4:1, depending on the particular product. Might want to consider the sampler pack of BdF and VdF, along with a bottle of Clandestine La Bleue for a next order ($$$ willing).
  4. I know, this is probably as dumb a question as it gets, but... If one started with an ethanol base (one that has already had liquor tax collected), where is the harm in distilling a "home-made" absinthe? Especially for personal/non-commercial purposes? Excepting safety issues, of course... Yes, I know it is illegal to distill alcohol without a permit, but I'm not talking about producing "de novo" alcohol for consumption. After all, it is entirely legal in the U.S. to distill other products (lavendar oil, for example). And safety would be a primary concern there as well. (Hiram, if this hews too closely to taboo territory, feel free to delete).
  5. "The Message" is "Happy Birthday" to Grandmaster Brooks!
  6. Happy Birthday to the ivory tickler!
  7. After wrestling with disintegrating corks, I picked up a couple of "Kristal T-corks" from a local shop. They seem to be better quality than some of the other T-corks I've used. Lots of online vendors have them. Here is one: Northern Brewer - source for Kristal T-corks
  8. I've been extolling Wait's virtues/vices for years. I got acquainted back in '76, mined back to his first lp (Closing Time) and have kept up ever since. Sadly, many folks can't get past his voice, their loss... I always thought his "gargling razorblades" grumble/raspiness suited his themes perfectly. As for the Residents, their recent "Demons Dance Alone" is truly outstanding and probably some of their most accessible music. I had a "new wave" show on the Louisiana Tech University radio station ('81-'82). Shocked quite a few folks when I played the Residents. Even had a caller threaten to burn the station down if I didn't play some "real" music like Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird". Needless to say it didn't fit the show so I risked it... My biochemistry teacher did have to let me know he got a chuckle when I played "Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage" by Killer Pussy (a band from Phoenix - my home town).
  9. Yes, but had he smoked... I readily concede there are smokers out there that live to ripe old ages, some in my own family! Don't get me wrong, if all dangers were avoided it would make for cruelly boring lives. Smoking is just a peeve of mine. newtothegreenhour: as for the photography, please post examples of your effort! Especially if there are corsets involved.
  10. I haven' had a great deal of experience drilling glass, but it sounds like you are doing it the same way I did mine. I held the vessel in the sink and let the faucet run over the drill site. Unless there is a problem with the glass itself, the solution is probably a light touch and a lot of patience...
  11. As for muted colors, sepia tones, etc... How 'bout looking back to a North Africa/French Foreign Legion theme? There you have the muted environmental colors, uniforms and the like. Contrast with the occasional riot of "native" color. Opressive heat vs. the cool tone of louched absinthe. Lots of possibilities. Leave the tobacco out, though. In my book tobacco is synonymous with cancer. Never even met my grandfather (mother's side) because of smoking and lung cancer. Choked down enough secondhand smoke while growing up to shorten my life a few years. Funny how losing a parent to lung cancer didn't teach my mother anything about smoking... 'Just can't abide the glamorization of tobacco.
  12. I haven't begun to try and associate particular music with absinthe, but one of my favorite albums seems like a good fit: "The Plateau Phase" by the band "Crispy Ambulance" Hypnotic, moody, referred to as a "dark and ragged masterpiece". The band members include "Hawkwind" as one of their influences and this seems borne out in this album. Not much of a jazz fan myself (more my wife's interest than mine). I do like the "Lounge Lizards" and a friend played some Ornette Coleman that appealed. Can't say any of it was absinthe-friendly, though.
  13. I never got into the "goth dressing" thing back then, but there were several bands I found interesting (not necessarily goth bands, but from the period). Yeah, many will point to bands on the 4AD label, but my own enduring favorites include "Crispy Ambulance", "Stockholm Monsters", "Lemon Kittens", "Eyeless in Gaza"... Shoot, the list is too long. I see another thread is addressing music faves, so I'll move my fawning over there. (As for the dressing all in black, I'm reminded of a song by the old "cowpunk" band "Rank and File" out of Austin, TX. They had a great song titled "I went Walking" on their debut album "Sundown" that skewered the lemming-like dress of folks in the dance scene. Not that conformity in whatever form hasn't been the focus of untold numbers of songs...)
  14. Sandpedlar, Hang with the avatar for a while. I like its open possibilities. 'Might want to change the "red" cross to "green" though...
  15. Happy Birthday, you old sentimentalist!
  16. Awright, how often do you get to the bottom of the list? And please favor us with the best source for "crap"...
  17. Hush! Too much editing and the entertaiment value will slide.
  18. Welcome! And don't worry. I don't think anyone here will raise the spectre of "Intelligent Design". Given all the "trial and error", I expect everyone here is a scientist... at least at the beginning.
  19. Extra credit for stamina! Let the happy continue! And heaven forbid that work get in the way...
  20. Hear! Hear! As long as the announcement is just that: information. Keep the marketing on the vendor's site and the rest will take care of itself. I trust the WS members will share their diverse opinions after the primary post. In fact, I want to follow (and maybe participate in) said conversations. Keep it honest and we all gain. Might there be value in identifying posts by a vendor in some way (color, etc...)? It would probably help the new members (shoot, it would help me, as I am still learning who is who around here). ('Can't help it: "hawking" always makes me think of coughing up phlegm. Yuck!)
  21. Not to be a spoilsport, but chimpanzees are apes (not monkeys). Most (but not all) monkeys have tails. No apes or hominids have tails*. Yeah, there are other distinctions, but without a tail, I bet that flying chimp is as ungainly as hell... * biological sports do not count
  22. I've only ordered from Alandia and LDF. Both have provided great service (fast delivery, desired selection, nice glasses...). A question about one of the Alandia orders was promptly addressed and they even threw in a bonus (grill) for being a repeat customer! I am sure I will get around to trying some of the other vendors (at least the WS recommended ones anyway), but I have no reservations about LDF or Alandia. None of my orders have been burdened with Customs fees (knock on wood). I mentioned it before, but is there a trick to getting a reasonable shipping rate from Fine Spirits Corner (Spain)? Every time I've considered ordering the shipping scares me off. It doesn't seem to be as cost effective as the other vendors (their shipping costs are moderated with multi-bottle orders, but this is not as evident in the FSC rates...).