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  1. Oscar and Hissy: love those tandem posts!


    I saw Timothy Leary at the University of Arizona back in the mid-'80s. I'm not sure if he was incoherent or I was just too dense, but I doubt anyone could repeat the gist of his lecture. Or at least there'd be little overlap in the recollection.


    Timothy probably would, too, since acid is colorless.


    How then the colorful blotter names like "orange sunshine"? Of course, if you wanted clear, there was always "windowpane"...


    One Jade may be larger

    and one Jade may be small

    for the Jade that Ted will sell you

    the Flying Monkeys must be called

    go ask LDF

    when the proof is done

  2. Now that I got that out of my system...


    I'm approaching a year since my first encounter with the green fairy and I'm still training my palate to distinguish the various flavors. Not being much of a licorice lover, I was worried the anise/star anise would ruin any chance of enjoying absinthe. Turns out it is quite delightful (except in a few heavy-handed cases). I prefer the wormwood to be distinct, but it is often masked by the other flavors. I also eschew the sugar, preferring bitter over sweet. Most absinth seems more than sweet enough to me.


    Fennel, hyssop, melissa, the best bet is to take the advice already offered and participate in an absinthe event. The variety and guidance from the cognoscenti really helps alot.

  3. Ah, the first time I've watched G4TechTV. 'Thought Ted did a pretty good job given he was opposite an overly animated host. Cleared a lot of murk re: absinthe myths, but the host was blowing a little too much smoke for me...


    I'm a little surprised the classic cube/spoon/drip wasn't shown, but the setup looked good anyway and the louching/disappearing green meniscus was clearly visible. At least no ridiculous flames.


    Do you figure Ted is welcome in the Czech Republic after the dissing he leveled against their absinth? Bet they have his picture up in the airports and bars country-wide.



  4. Another film to add to the list:


    "Black and White in Color" by Jean-Jacques Annaud

    (Winner of best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 1976).


    The funny thing for me is that I helped bring this film to the college I attended as an undergraduate (I was on the film committee) back in 1978 (or '79?). I don't remember noting the absinthe at the time, but upon watching it again last weekend, it is unmistakeable. In fact, it shows up repeatedly. Here are some stills. I'll see if I can extract a short clip and try to compress it enough to add as well.


    Oh, the film is a satire set around 1915 during the first world war. Basically, some French colonialists in the Ivory Coast, upon reading about the war in some late-arriving newspapers, decide they must do their part for France and attack the neighboring Germans. Sadly, and probably to be expected, they rope the natives into the fray. The natives are the ones that take the brunt of the injury and death, of course.


    Anyway, absinthe is prominently shown. Late in the film, the natives are even ladeled out some absinthe before being sent back in to the fighting...









  5. I unfortunately don't get hangovers


    Ye gods, how do you do it? Myself, I subscribe to the water/hydration solution. Works for me every time. Then again, I am a rather moderate drinker, so have rarely had bad hangovers anyway.


    Drinkboy, are you saying you never suffer (despite drinking) or that you have a drinking regimen that works for you? Tolerance vs. natural resistance?


    I like this quote from the site recommended by Hiram:


    Headaches result from dehydration because the body's organs try to make up for their own water loss by stealing water from the brain, causing the brain to decrease in size and pull on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull, resulting in pain.


    Shrunken brain syndrome. I hate it when that happens...

  6. Like Hiram, I'd say the pine in the UE Sapin is so subtle that the label should include the disclaimer that any detection of pine requires a good imagination (at least compared to Retsina). I didn't mind it, but there are other absinthes I'd prefer to order before returning to the Sapin. Or maybe go for something bolder like Sarticious Gin...

  7. Veering away from Belgium for a moment, I had a terrific "cream stout" a few years ago in Nairobi. As I recall it was made by the same folks who make "Tusker", but it seems the brewery was bought out by the folks at Castle (South Africa). Not sure if it is as good, but I'd buy it again if it was available...

  8. The History Channel special on Da Vinci was good, but... they must've said "bastard" at least 50 times. If my kids got anything out of it, it was that he was a "bastard" who overcame his "bastard" status. That, and he left a tremendous amount of unfinished work. Seems he would grow tired of a work in progress (apparently already visualizing the finished project was enough), and would move on to the next one.


    I did like the mention that his autopsy efforts led to being the first to clearly document atherosclerosis..., blocked arteries as a cause of heart disease and death.


    Back to music, the Pogues' "Rum, Sodomy..." has the incredibly powerful "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda". Makes me sad AND mad everytime I hear it...


    The "New York Dolls" were pretty entertaining, but I'd say that after enough absinthe, I'd prefer "Pere Ubu", especially their "Modern Dance" or "Dub Housing "albums.