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  1. It is looking more likely that I will be traveling to Portugal this coming June (20-24th) for a meeting at the Hotel Villa Rica in Lisbon. I'd appreciate any recommendations on available Portuguese absinthe. If travel is necessary (you mention artisanal absinthe available in rural communities/fairs in the Northern parts of Portugal, I might give in-country travel a try (with sufficient guidance, of course). I may make a side trip to Madrid (is driving there, rather than flying, worth considering?). Perhaps this would afford additional opportunities to see more of the country. I know no Portuguese. I'm not sure if my colleague from Brazil will attend the same meeting, but if so, travel should be that much easier... How likely is it that my English-centric language skills will get me by in Portugal or should I expect difficulty? (For what it's worth, I had problems navigating Little Havana [Miami] several years ago because my Spanish is so wretched...)


    If I cannot get "quality" Portuguese absinthe, are other alternatives (e.g. Spanish) available? I have so far refrained from purchasing from Fine Spirits Corner because of the exhorbitant shipping costs...

  2. Kalispell. Beautiful place. I passed through (all too briefly) about 15 years ago on my way from the "Going to the Sun" Highway. Making a beeline back to the pediatrician in Logan, UT to find out what was happening to son #1 (~2 years old at the time). His "slapped face" rash had me and the wife pretty rattled. Turned out to be Fifth's disease. Missed seeing the Sawtooth range in Idaho on account of our hasty return, but the peace of mind knowing he wasn't going to croak was a lot more precious.


    Gotta get back out that way!

  3. Though my exposure is still limited, I'll offer this opinion:


    The strangest absinthe so far: Leone


    [i'll keep it if only for its novelty sake]


    Least favorite: either the "La Muse Verte" or the "Moulin Verte"


    [the last two not so much because they are wretched (like the concensus about most Czech stuff) but rather they are more harsh and unbalanced than the others I've tried]

  4. Criminy, Conju! I figured you'd seen one too many of those floaty heads. Where've you been? A lot has happened since the end of November.


    Now that you've finished the fougerolles, any opinions on the recent crop being extolled by the rest of the WS corps?


    I am trying the Eichelberger 68 this evening (no, early morning) and find it just terrific. It is definitely smooth. Too many other COs constrict the ol' esophagus or burn the tongue, but this one is a keeper. Not sure about the "waxy" note mentioned above, but the "earthy" notes are there, without any bite or funk. I don't "get" the comparison to the Montmarte; for me the Ike is vastly superior.

  5. I have a bottle of the first edition Montmarte. Unlike most other absinthe I've tried, I find I like this less each time I try it. Not entirely sure what isn't working for me, but it must be the "cinnamon", 'cause even the extreme bottle of Leone I picked up last year calls me back, but the Montmarte looks to languish in the liquor cabinet.


    I had the good fortune (thanks Atlanta WS'ers) to try the second edition, and I find it considerably better than the first. Still not appealing enough to buy a bottle. There are too many others I like better, and enough new entering the market to keep me busy for a while...

  6. 'splain. I'm not that hip either


    Is that some sort of Mr. Hanky


    Actually, I do not have any explanation for the little figure (I just picked it up after a google search 'cause it looked funny). But now that you mention it, it does resemble the brown one. I referred to the "pwned" label. My kids pointed it out to me in reference to gaming and other online/forum challenges. Here's the wikipedia definition:


    The verb to pwn (past tense: pwned, pwnd, pwn'd, pwnt, pooned) as used by the Internet gaming subculture, means to beat or dominate an opponent. While it probably originated as a typing error of the word own, it is now used intentionally by many members of the subculture. The term has become so ubiquitous in Internet circles that it is often used outside of gaming contexts; for example, "He just got pwned in that debate" or "The hunters pwned that bear."