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  1. Drinkboy, I like the scoring concept. Reminds me of my own crude suggestion last May: Online scoring thread I would add another refinement: add a weight to the individual scores based on the WS group/status level. Or perhaps compare the scoring by group/status or in some sort of stratified way to contrast newbie vs. connoisseur. Yikes! It is sounding too complicated again...
  2. I don't try to correct other's posts. I make too many mistakes myself. I suspect most are typos, but who really cares anyway. On the other hand, when an opportunity to have a little fun arises... (Some might take advantage in a critical way. I prefer just to have fun).
  3. Welcome! I've tried 3 vendors so far, including Alandia, and they have all been great. Fast (for flying monkeys), and responsive to inquiries. Only one customs fee surcharge so far. (So good).
  4. Fine Spirits has an interesting selection, but I've refrained for the self-same reason.
  5. Daemon, The glass must contain the La Fée (which I have not yet tried), as my Emile Coulin is nowhere near as bright green...
  6. Ah, the importance of being Ernst! ^_^ I daresay herding Hemingway would have been as difficult as herding cats...
  7. UE Sapin followed by Kallnacher. 'Must say the UE seemed thin when compared to the Kallnacher. The more I try the Kallnacher, the more I appreciate the wormwood. Some don't like it up front and center (too bitter?), so push sugar to soften the bite. The Kallnacher has a great balance between the existing mouthfeel, inherent "sweetness" and the wormwood. Then again, I don't use sugar and actually prefer the bitter end of the spectrum. Glad I bought 2 bottles of the Kallnacher last Fall... Won't last long at this rate.
  8. OK. So I am musing on all things green as I am drinking a glass of FG and read the above in your WS profile. Don't ask me why, but I was reminded of Mr. Tyco Bass and the juvenile SF novel "The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet" by Eleanor Cameron. The "planet" was in orbit around the Earth (between the Earth and the Moon). Couldn't be seen except with a telescope and special filter (!) that revealed its pale green nature. Mr. Bass sends the heroes (two adolescent boys) on a mission of mercy to the green planet in a home-made rocket ship! Ms. Cameron actually wrote several titles in the "mushroom planet" series (this was back in the '50s) and I have to say the books were quite entertaining when I read them in the mid to late '60s. "Outside the windows the trees pressed close, and inside a wavering, sea-green light filled the room like water." "'Turn the little handle of the spigot just before you take off,' instructed Mr. Bass"
  9. Yeah. I figured that since HPL figured prominently in Yngvai X's WS profile, I'd give a nod to the master. HPL surely dreamt of such horrors. I started to quote a "drinking" poem from Lovecraft's collection "Fungi from Yuggoth & Other Poems", but will save it for another day. As for Lovecraft inspired songs, one of my favorites is by "The Room" title "Things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl". A surprisingly cheerful pop number, given the influence. The title/line comes from the Lovecraft story "The Festival". Online snippet
  10. Happy Birthday! "I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams." H. P. Lovecraft
  11. Auguru


    Great celluloid's ghost! With a cast containing Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, and Britt Ekland, I'm betting there ain't too many complainers. Welcome, Lysergic!
  12. "Orchards and vineyards, And full-breasted houris, And a cup overflowing before me. Why do I babble of battles, And mountains reduced to dust? Why do I feel these tears?" Gurney Halleck -- from Frank Herbert's "Dune" Here's to overflowing cups! (Seems like I relayed birthday greetings just yesterday. 2005 yesterday.)
  13. Only two production runs so far? At such small volumes, I'm beginning to wonder if a bottle of any variety produced now will be collectible (and correspondingly valuable) in a few years...
  14. Papa H, Good lord, that must've held a lot of toothpaste before you re-purposed it. Sand, I don't know whether to be in awe of the muscle tone or the patriotic (albeit UK?) bikini bottom. Or is there more 'splaining to do?
  15. Turpentine, czechsinthe, paint thinner, I see a trend. Great resurrection of a thread, BTW. Kübler 53 is fine with me. I don't notice a "plasticky" character, but if you knew what I inhale at work, it's a thousand wonders I can differentiate any flavors beyond the anise.
  16. I enjoyed/enjoy the VdF I bought early last year. Probably not an outright favorite, but it beats the tar out of some of the others I have. I will buy it again, but for the same money... Grim, when was the first release? I suppose I could dig it up, but if you could be so kind... Moreover, how many batches/lots have be produced? I take it they are different to some degree or has it settled into some sort of consistency?
  17. Sand, Go for the Ike. A great deal for a respectable absinthe. My ONLY complaint is that it comes in 0.5L bottles (should be 1.0L - at a proportionately higher price, 'natch). Just note that the monkeys passed along duty fees to me when mine arrived. Added a bit more to the overall cost. Try to go for a multi-bottle order to reduce the shipping bite (consider sharing an order with someone). Three Oh, eh? Your just a babe...
  18. Pssst, it's Grim's Birthday...
  19. Happy Birthday, Pensieve! 'taint no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones...
  20. Welcome! We've all been there...
  21. This is fun! How 'bout: Phoenix, AZ -> Desoto, MO -> Phoenix -> Magnolia, AR -> Frog Level, AR -> Magnolia -> Phoenix -> Ruston, LA -> Tucson, AZ -> Logan, UT -> Atlanta, GA Not to mention the gazillion times we moved within the greater Phoenix area while I was a kid. I went to 10 different schools between kindergarten and high school before escaping to college...