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  1. Happy Birthday, sand! Here's to sipping absinthe by moonlight...
  2. I LOVE those! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, I smell a showdown! My recollection of the peanuts (my grandmother kept them around) is that they had a stiff character/texture compared to Peeps. Almost squeaked as your teeth cut through them. Like the Peeps, they are addictive and can drive anyone into a diabetic shock. Brings to mind the Leone pastilles. I supposedly "won" a box of these on eBay recently, but it looks like the seller took my money and ran. Anyone tried these? A novelty, I suppose.
  3. I see that under the mantle of "Steroid Maximus", there are several releases: a rare flexi-disc released in "The Catalog" magazine back in 1990 title "Volgarity", "Quilombo" 1991, "Gondwanaland" 1992, and "Ectopia" 2002 Recommendation?
  4. Happy Birthday, Rimbaud! (Did you fall off the edge? You've been mighty scarce...) "I am master of phantasmagorias." Arthur Rimbaud, from A Season in Hell
  5. Busy listening to various tracks by the inestimable Jim Thirlwell (known for his many "band" incarnations incorporating the word "foetus", e.g. "Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel"). Can't say it serves as an agreeable soundtrack to the "L'Heure Verte", but if you are in a manic mood, it is sure to induce uncontrollable twitching. Just about couldn't be more opposite "easy listening". I'm mostly a fan of his early work ("Hole", "Nail", "Sink") since his later stuff is so extreme that even my thick hide has a tough time getting past the crushing wall of sound and rampant mysogeny (among the other offensive terrain he explores). Jim Thirlwell (Foetus) reviews
  6. Agree that the 72 Amer is a drinkable mid-range product, but I do find it has a bit of harsh alcohol bite to it. It also leaves a mouth feel ("coat") less agreeable than other mid-rangers. As for the need for sugar, this is one that comes across to me as already almost too sweet (yeah, I like it bitter). Just finishing my re-acquaintance with the Amer and am off to the Duplais Blanche...
  7. Happy Birthday, Aussie_Absinthe! May the flying monkeys make it all the way to Oz... "When all I needed was a friend, To make me stop and think again, The call to arms is loud and clear, Tally ho, your health my dear." - Split Enz
  8. Happy Birthday, Bradi! If you get any more insubstantial around here, we're gonna think YOU'RE the ghost... (When absinthe gatherings get out of hand)
  9. Welcome, JRuined! I suppose everyone on the road to ruin finds this place... The stuff you have on ArtWanted is quite impressive. You'll find many Lovecraft and Waits fans here too.
  10. Welcome, Prancer! er, 2xG... I smell coal tar.
  11. Welcome, Sunrat! I am a Phoenix native (transplanted to Atlanta), but lived in Tucson between '80 and '89. Sure do miss the place. Great Mexican food (La Indita on 4th Avenue is a favorite), spectacular electrical storms, brutal heat in the Summer (but Mt. Lemmon is less than an hour away). Make sure you have lots of ice when the Absinthe arrives.
  12. I ordered my spigots from Aftosa (just as Hiram has recommended in earlier posts). They have the best price I could find. However, if you are looking for spigots in chrome instead of brass, check this site out: infused-vodka.com I haven't ordered from them, but their cost per spigot is a good bit higher than Aftosa or this vendor: Bailey Ceramic Supply Another point about the construction. I bent the brass washers (located under the brass nuts on the inside) to better match the curvature of the glass. I think it made the silicone gasket/washers seal a little better. I also cut the stems (?) about 3/8" shorter so they wouldn't stick so far into the interior. Makes the nut look almost flush with the threaded stem. Not that you can really see it when it is filled.
  13. A bit of cross-posting, but this is more appropriate over here... Just a mock-up (no ice/water or actual louching going on). I went with only two spigots given the small container size. Besides, I figure it will mostly be used for just the wife and me. Mostly just me, actually. Gimp, your "personal" design is spot on. Secondary view:
  14. Whew! Kukla, Fran and Ollie! I'm not quite old enough to remember the original show (except perhaps in re-runs), but do recall the "CBS Children's Film Festival" that was hosted by the self-same Kukla, Fran and Ollie. The puppets (like all puppets/marionettes) give me the creeping willies, but the TV show was wonderful. They had all kinds of imported films, mostly about kids. A personal favorite was "Hand in Hand" (Great Britain, 1960). About a Catholic boy and Jewish girl who become close friends and have to grapple with religious issues (does God approve?) after the other characters interfere and question their friendship. Shai, I don't have a clear memory about the film you describe, but I found a web site with this description: "Tony and the Tick-Tock Dragon" (Hungary) A story that blends animation with live action about a boy looking for time, something his father won't give him. Tony is punished and sent to the bathroom. Two little animated men come through the running water of the bathtub and take him on a journey down the drain.
  15. I need to photograph my own Frankenstein of a fountain, but might add that substituting silicone gasket material seemed to work a lot better for me than the original rubber gaskets/washers that came with the spigots. The silicone gaskets were cut from a short length of 1/2" or perhaps 3/8" silicone tubing. Drilling glass has not been a problem for me (even with a hand-held drill), but this is probably more a function of the glass container I used than any skill on my part. Here is an example of the type of drill bit I used. Drill bit example The only extra step I included was to drill while running water from the tap over the drill site. If using a corded drill, make sure you don't electrocute yourself!
  16. Welcome! Great first selections, but the universe is large... As for Brooks and T73, you've both got me beat by a few years (1959 birth for me). However, I have relatively clear memories of both Captain Kangaroo and Romper Room. I may have you both beat in that I actually attended a Romper Room broadcast during the early '60s (not sure if I was on TV, but maybe...). Some sort of field trip during Kindergarten or perhaps pre-school. Going to the studio is pretty clear to me anyway. And no, this is not some sort of "recovered" or "found" memory as I have related it for many years. My brother was too young to recall it, and probably never went to the studio. We both did get on the "Wallace and Ladmo" show a few years later. A result of a "send in your best joke" contest. Gotta love those after school shows for kids. I wonder how many of the "Romper Room" franchise shows there were? I watched it in Phoenix as a kid.
  17. Do tell, Brooks. I have not searched the forum to see if this has been addressed previously, but am curious to see the results of your inquiries. Better yet, if you get a "green light", how the follow through turns out.
  18. Belated wishes for your birthday! Glad to hear it was grand!
  19. Happy Birthday, Morgan! It's hammer time...
  20. So what to make of the "Absinthiana Barrique"? Noble experiment? Marketing trial balloon? Icarus flying too close to the sun?