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  1. I'll be making my first trip to London this Thursday. I'll only be there a couple of days, but would appreciate any suggestions for pub/bar/clubs and absinthe. More importantly, suggestions for readily accessible vendors/liquor stores (besides the Gatwick airport)? I'd like to pick up a bottle of Jade Blanchette, among other possibilities. The LdF site has a couple, but they do not mention much beyond the Emiles, Fougerolles, and Jades (excepting the Blanchette, of course).


    A couple of days later I'll be in Lisbon for a meeting. Same questions.


    Much obliged in advance for any guidance.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dawn!


    Posted on: Nov 24 2004, 02:11 PM


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      Ah, I love the smell of xylene in the morning! Morgue/ histo work..the xylene substitute is just not the same... 


    The conversational possibilities! It doesn't look like Dawn will find this, but I wonder if she ever received the bottle of Un Emile 68 she says she ordered? She described familiarity with Ouzo, Arak, and Grappa, it would have been interesting to hear her take on absinthe.


    Hiram, did she ever send you the "Raki" sample she promised?