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  1. Dang, another year older already? That's not even dog years! Better invest in a Dorian Gray knockoff, right away. Picture of Dorian Gray - Television Personalities
  2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll try PM'ing The Traveller and see if we can meet while I'm in Lisbon.
  3. Happy Birthday, Trainer! As a native (now transplanted) of the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix), let me recommend the shade. Becoming nocturnal helps, too. Remember, it only seems like Hell. More ice! More absinthe!
  4. I'll be making my first trip to London this Thursday. I'll only be there a couple of days, but would appreciate any suggestions for pub/bar/clubs and absinthe. More importantly, suggestions for readily accessible vendors/liquor stores (besides the Gatwick airport)? I'd like to pick up a bottle of Jade Blanchette, among other possibilities. The LdF site has a couple, but they do not mention much beyond the Emiles, Fougerolles, and Jades (excepting the Blanchette, of course). A couple of days later I'll be in Lisbon for a meeting. Same questions. Much obliged in advance for any guidance.
  5. Welcome, Hair! Let us know what you try and any favorites.
  6. Grim, I gotta ask. You must have the patience of the saints. Do you load up the ice and wait for it to melt into the absinthe? How long does it take, depending on room temperature, 'natch?
  7. Happy Birthday, LBO! Itinerant. Orchids. Absinthe. May you and the monkeys always land safely.
  8. Happy Birthday, 2LY! Here's to curious intersections!
  9. Sheesh. I'm away for a couple of days and, well... Happy (Belated) Birthday, "Lord High Everything Else"!
  10. Happy belated, DesertWolf (and daughter)! Here's to iron horse reveries.
  11. Lest I am mistaken, your avatar is a cross between a ring-tailed lemur and a seagull. Or some other shore bird. If there was a cat involved, you really do have a way with vats.
  12. I guess I'm dense. Or didn't get a chance to read the earlier incarnations of the wikipedia site. Who were the opposing forces. Who "won"?
  13. Grim, am I mistaken or have you been expanding? Avatar-wise. I am looking forward to the reviews on the prototype. Gathering up resources for my next order and can use advice.
  14. It would appear that reaching down an evolutionary rung or two for a mate has been tried before. There's genetic proof: Human and chimp ancestors interbred?
  15. Welcome, Ring! Lemurs are the shit! Or is it shizznit? Shizzle? Better go check with the kids...
  16. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Hiram! Perusing your profile, I spy among your interests: Perhaps drunk-dialing (heck, sober-dialing) the following fellow would cap off a birthday celebration. Get GrayWolf on the phone for added color. He turns his attention to the fleshing wheel [Hard to top your orangutan story from last year.]
  17. I do and I like. I have no problem with simple: it makes the really good stuff stand out. I'll even purchase FG again, after I exhaust the "must try" list. Well, after I restock the priority bottles that are empying at an alarming rate...
  18. You're right. Why not bring them all together...
  19. Wincing at my own crudeness, I have to ask: OR
  20. Happy Birthday, Absomphe! May your tongue forever quaver.
  21. What's become of Jack? Don't he love us no more?
  22. Happy Birthday, Dawn! The conversational possibilities! It doesn't look like Dawn will find this, but I wonder if she ever received the bottle of Un Emile 68 she says she ordered? She described familiarity with Ouzo, Arak, and Grappa, it would have been interesting to hear her take on absinthe. Hiram, did she ever send you the "Raki" sample she promised?
  23. Happy Birthday, Whizz! And I thought you were already a fan of the Ike!