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    Kensington Gin

    As described in the March/April issue of Imbibe: Ingredients: 4 cups water 3 cups pure cane sugar 3 Tbsp quinine (powdered cinchona bark) 6 Tbsp powdered citric acid (apparently available in larger grocery stores in the bulk section) 3 limes, zested and juiced 3 stalks lemongrass, roughly chopped 1. Dissolve sugar in water (facilitated by heating in saucepan to a boil and reducing heat to low) 2. Add remaining ingredients, stir well, simmer for ~25 min. 3. Cool. Strain out the chunky stuff using a colander, filter through cheesecloth (or coffee filters). [Looks messy!] 4. Pour into storage container(s) and store for up to several weeks in the refrigerator. [The article recommends using sterilized bottles that can be closed tightly.] The article has nice photos and entertaining background. The final product is blood red from the photos. I missed it before, but they recommend herbspro.com as a good source for the quinine. Herbspro.com link for quinine The January/February issue of Imbibe had a brief "taste-test" of 8 artisanal gins. I haven't tried them all, but would agree the Hendrick's, No. 209, and Martin Miller's gin are quite nice. I have tried unsuccessfully to find Aviation Gin (from Portland, Oregon) in my area, nor will the local liquor stores be able to get it soon since none of the distributors carry it. Given current state restrictions, I am not sure I can order it online... I have a bottle of Bluecoat Gin coming by personal courier in a couple of weeks. Other favorites are Sarticious, Old Raj, Tanqueray No. 10, and Magellan.
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    Kensington Gin

    I've not developed an affection for tonic water, but was curious about the recipe published in the March/April issue of Imbibe magazine. It looks a little messy, but as a determined DIY'er, I may give it a try. Anyone want to recommend a source for the quinine (powdered cinchona bark)? I can excerpt the recipe if anyone is interested.
  3. My question (perhaps should be in the science section) is: how stable is thujone once distilled and bottled in absinthe (or in ethanol between 45 and 80% concentration)? Testing antique bottles might not mean much if the thujone deteriorates significantly over time. However, if it is relatively stable, I am much more assured the teacher was exaggerating (or trying to impress a student with his "radical youth").
  4. Grim, As I understand the recipes/protocols (especially the Duplais on Oxy's site), it would appear the macerate is initiated by suspending the ingredients in 85% ethanol, after some period of time this mixture is diluted with water to bring the ethanol concentration down just below 60%, and the diluted macerate subjected to distillation (with guidance that the original volume of 85% ethanol be the guide for distillate recovery. Assuming Lachenmeier is proposing the maceration be accomplished using no more than 30% ethanol, wouldn't this significantly change the ability of the ethanol to dissolve the various oils and other substances solubilized by the ethanol? I am guessing this, in turn, would change what is volatilized during the distillation procedure? Is there any precedent in the published (or at least accessible) info on absinthe production that suggests this sort of reduction in macerate/ethanol concentration would yield a comparable product? I am not criticizing his recommendation, just trying to understand the implications if such guidance were implemented.
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    Better late than never!

    Happy Hendrick's Day, MT! Now what did you do with the rest of that cucumber...
  6. Too often these discussions degenerate into the clichéd "science versus art" dichotomy. I've my own bias, but see no reason to create a hard partition. Many an artist is a scientist as well. If in no other way than the tried and true route to enlightenment: trial and error. On the other hand, there are probably fewer scientists who achieve the transcendence so many call art. And just because you grok the scientific aspects doesn't preclude those "aha!" moments of creation. Is there intrinsic charm in artistic creation? We sure do prize such accomplishments. Artisanal versus commercial. Even if the products tasted the same, I'd wager most of us would throw in with the former.
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    Happy Birthday, Bifford! Hope you got a pinch to grow an inch. Or better yet, took a cue from Mandrake...
  8. Party like a Machinist! Happy Birthday, Pensieve!
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    A call to arms

    Should the seller return, perhaps he could use an alternative graphic for his elixir. Something that communicates its real value. As an anthelminthic! (Dewormer, natch...)
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    Artemesia Canariensis

    Slap me if I'm wrong, but I'd say TGO has been applying Artemisia canariensis to his chest...
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    Happy day Deaddybear

    Happy Birthday, Deaddy! Hope it was more than an act...
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    Happy Day Again Nymphadora!

    Happy Belated, Nymph!
  13. I've become a great fan of the Eichelberger 68, but am curious about the Eichelberger 60. The latter is advertised as being prepared with "fresh wormwood" (this would appear to be the A. absinthium rather than A. pontica?) and additional herbs. Before I place an order to find out for myself, are there any opinions among the WS members?
  14. Happy Birthday! Here's hoping it's with absinthe. And if you are into them, listening to the Lounge Lizards or maybe getting fishing pointers from John: Fishing with John
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    Thanks, everybody! If it weren't for the "number" candles, my cake would've been blazing this year... Had a great time with the family today. Getting ready to send the oldest off to college this Wednesday. How did that happen so fast? (Hissy and Hiram: as for creating my own birthday thread... I'd have never lived it down. Would have been a hoot, though.)
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    You crazy Cat

    Double Belated, Hissy!
  17. Auguru

    You crazy Cat

    Dang, I'm away for a few days and I have to resort to "belated"! Happy Belated, Hissy!
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    Oh Dear God!

    I don't know which was worse: The "Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America" (the anti-"fair market" liquor lobby who want to maintain a chokehold on liquor distribution) trying to demonize online sales with their industry-sponsored survey arguing "our kids are at risk" of buying liquor online. Never mind that the parents of these kids are often the source of the credit cards or gift cards used to purchase the booze online. Nor that the parents aren't monitoring their kids' online behavior in the first place... Perhaps worse was the wretched absinthe story. Not only were the kids lured by the god-awful movie reference to the "trippy" effects of absinthe, they bought some of the crappiest absinthe available. Then the kids conclude they won't buy it again (!) because it didn't taste good! The story suggests this ultra high proof liquor gets the kids drunk faster, but they didn't dispel the notion that the stuff is a hallucinogen. Criminy! Then the story about the way the online vendors circumvent state laws by direct shipment via courier. This might be the worst yet, because crusading state politicians may try to curb these sales by passing even more draconian laws restricting shipping practices. At least a triple-whammy!
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    Happy Birthday, Jacal! Pencils up...
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    Happy B'day, BDV! Found: one ear...
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    New froggie here

    Better? As for frog legs... a classic:
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    Nice to meet you all

    Wecome, Alyssa! What they said. Do you work in any particular media (oil, watercolor...)?
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    What movie is this?

    You probably have local options, but if you need it converted to DVD, let me know. I can make a transfer and get it back in the mail in a day.
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    Brut #2

    I should probably look for the more appropriate thread, but I'll ask here for good measure: Is it necessary (or desirable) to open a bottle before letting it "age"? From some of the comments I've read, I am inclined to let it age/rest without opening. How will I know if it benefitted without a comparison? Ah! I guess I'd better order two bottles...
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    You could use some "Cool Air"...