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    Growing Wormwood

    FWIW, my Powis Castle bloomed up a storm this year. Here is a pic of it hanging in my garage, drying: Whether it would be worth using in absinthe production is for someone else to say. Most of what I've read suggests the scent/taste profile is too different from A.a. to be worth using. Sure smells good though.
  2. Auguru


    Happy Birthday, Verlock! I daresay an absinthe a day will do more than an apple to keep the doctor at bay... As an anime fan, have you seen Malice@Doll? Though not for the squeamish, it is a fascinating study of degradation and transformation (physical and mystical).
  3. Auguru


    Happy Belated, Shinsain! As a Ginsberg fan, you may have heard of a poet he enjoyed: Antler. In particular, Ginsberg thought Antler's poem "Factory" quite good. Here is an excerpt: FACTORY I read a big chunk of it when published in the Winter 1979/1980 issue of the magazine Coevolution Quarterly (wow, that was a long time ago) and bought the book when it was released. Worth tracking down.
  4. Happy Belated, LL! Hope you survived the haircut...
  5. Auguru

    One Pretty Kitty

    Happy Belated, Bluescat! Hope you had a great time. Every time I see your avatar/name I am reminded of "Blue Cat" from Clive Barker's "The Thief of Always"... A very nice audio book version is available (my family has listened to it several times on long road trips), but the book is a great read for kids and adults. I sure hope the long-anticipated film version does it justice.
  6. Happy Belated, Conju! Yup, it's still there...
  7. Happy belated, Hectma! Here's hoping you louched up a cold one...
  8. Happy belated, Daniel! As for Girls of Metal... Check out "Tetsuo: the Iron Man" for a new perspective.
  9. Auguru

    To Marrow Today!

    Happy Birthday (a bit belated), Marrow! Hope it was swell. I think I hear Nymph calling...
  10. Auguru


    This topic has been considered many time before, but my own 2¢... Since the producers of tap water in my own 'burg often chlorinate the crap out of the local river water (our source), I prefer to use the water run through the filter in my refrigerator (removes the parasites and carbon filters the chlorine out of it). Otherwise, I'm not much on buying bottled water, but my kids like it better than the tap or the water out of the 'frig... (Before anyone accuses me of allowing my kids to consume absinthe, I mean they like the bottled water for direct consumption at summer camp, after soccer practice, etc...)
  11. Auguru

    Dornier - Tuller 1910

    Hearty congratulations all around! Here's hoping the birthing goes well. (FWIW, if your wife is so inclined, make sure the epidural is ordered early. My wife waited a bit too long on our first child and had to tough it out classic-style). As for the aforementioned rose/peach color, I've no clue. But I am curious to hear what the cognoscenti have to say...
  12. Happy Birthday, OneBadPig!
  13. Happy Birthday, LeRoy! Here's to the King!
  14. Auguru

    Don't be so Silent!

    Happy Belated, Silent! Just watch out for certain milestones...
  15. Auguru


    Thanks, Everybody! I'd have chimed in sooner, but my computer was infested with a virus and knocked out my networking. Took a couple of days to figure it out and get it back up and running. (On a side note, a bottle of Aviation Gin showed up just in time for my birthday. It joins Bluecoat among my favorites.)
  16. Auguru

    What ya drinking tonight?

    A curiosity in anticipation of HAN II. Hey, this page is half-way to 666...
  17. Auguru

    4 films

    Anyone know why the timecode is stamped on the DVD videos? Clearly, the timecode is not part of the original films and had to be added when the films were transferred to tape or when captured to digital format. Else the timecode was deliberately burned in when the DVD was mastered. Truly a waste to see the original frames marred this way...
  18. Auguru

    Miss Hissykitties

    Happy Birthday, Hissy! Time to break out the Meowsinthe...
  19. Nothing like a slip of the tongue to inspire a visual pun. Likewise, it is hard to pick a favorite Waits album/cd. I've been listening to the Orphans set in between re-listens of his older stuff. That 3rd Orphans disc has outrageous cuts. Where'd he dredge up the sound for "Dog Door"? Can't get the repeated line "She's got me coming through the dog door..." out of my head.
  20. You know, "John Waits"...
  21. Auguru

    Which Would You Choose To Legalize?

    If I had to choose... I guess my left eye.
  22. Happy Birthday, bal-de-vis! Hope your rare film quest is succeeding.
  23. Auguru

    The Sazerac - perfected!

    Back to the earlier question: which absinthes pair well with which rye? Any preferences or is everyone opportunistic and use whatever is closest at hand?
  24. Barely grazed the surface of Current 93's discography. Did like "Crowleymass" when I first heard it on a mix tape (pre-CD daze...) back in '87?
  25. Auguru


    Happy Birthday, Jana! Here's to enjoying the Montmarte...