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    Our First Fool

    Let's see. elric13 joined the 17th of January and is #92, I joined the 20th of January and am #97. The First Fool (no relation to the man on Pennsylvania Ave.?) attempts to join a few days ago and is #111. I sense momentum here. Will there ever be a critical mass? Whoa! Will there ever be enough? And I must have missed the "referral edict" somehow. Given my proximity, glad I got in under the wire too. Having lived in Tucson for several years, I am disappointed Master Fool claims it as residence. Tucson is actually rather nice if you can handle the summer heat. Spectacular electrical storms. I watched the Catalina mountains erupt in flames after one such storm. A terrible spectacle. Elitist: Definition: [n] someone who believes in rule by an elite group Antonyms: egalitarian, equalitarian My limited experience at this forum leads me to believe there is far more of the latter than the former at play. Herr Fool ought to know better. Besides, since when did enthusiasm, curiosity, and fun get confused with elitism?
  2. Auguru

    Inspired newb

    Unopened bottles of Orbitz? Are you treating them like vintage stock, to be opened at some future gala event? I probably went through about a dozen bottles trying the various flavors and giving each a second try. I guess I decided there wasn't enough flavor or else that the gimmick wore off faster than a pet rock or mood ring (hoo boy!). It would be fun to scare up a bottle or two to show my kids. I wonder if Clearly Canadian actually made any money on the stuff? The closest beverage I've run into lately are the Vietnamese "bubble teas" with the tapioca balls. But the tapioca is chewy/sticky and didn't defy gravity like the whatever-they-were globs in the Orbitz bottles.
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    I'm new

    Eats, shoots, leaves...
  4. Auguru

    Inspired newb

    A few more comments: I received my second absinthe order and had a chance to try the Verte and Blanche de Fougerolles. I thought both were good. I still do not have much of a ruler to judge by (only tried the Suisse La Bleue previously). Both louched (I guess it works as a verb) well and were quite aromatic. Repeated the sugar vs. no sugar versions of the ritual. My wife thought the sugar was necessary (but isn't fond of the strong anise flavor). I still prefer no sugar. Both Verte and Blanche were more than sweet enough for me. I prefer flavors that tend toward the bitter and tart anyway, so I will probably avoid the sugar in the future. I plan to try the Jade N.O. this weekend and compare the 4 products side-by-side. Several members here suggest the sugar adds as much to "texturize" the absinthe as add sweetness (mask bitterness?). I suppose it is a stretch to wonder if there is a non-sugar additive that would provide the texture. Something perhaps like corn starch in asian cooking? Dextran? Carageenan? I know I'm really reaching here, but any suggestions? I am reminded a bit of that "orbitz" drink from a few years ago. Now that had texture! Too bad there wasn't more to it... Orbitz = extinct
  5. Auguru

    I'm new

    J. G. Ballard is one of my favorite writers... Vermillion Sands Atrocity Exhibition Crash The Drought The Wind From Nowhere Empire of the Sun The Drowned World The Unlimited Dream Company ...
  6. Auguru


    I used to live in Tucson where the tap water comes from a deep aquifer and is hard as hell. If you froze it to make ice cubes, the minerals would precipitate and drop out as yucky white flakes as the ice melted in your beverage. I was forced to buy purified water or use the "Aqua Vend" machines to make the water palatable. The water in Atlanta is better, but still benefits from carbon/charcoal filteration. While I'm at it, how about sugar cubes? The ones I tried first were hard as cement cinder blocks and took forever to dissolve. Are there particular brands that work best in the ritual?
  7. Auguru

    Upcoming thrills

    Fortune cookie fortunes? I thought I'd never dredge these out of my wallet, but I cannot pass up this opportunity. Most fortunes are sad cliches or the occasional reliable bonmot. Here are my two favorites (the first from 1978 and the second from 2004): In case the image didn't come across: "The down of a swan from a thousand miles." "Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips." (I've been accused of collecting everything...)
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    Inspired newb

    Ouch! I guess I will have to be more cautious about my word choice regarding shipping info. My comments seemed pretty tame, but I suppose any detail that leads to packages being scrutinized would be awful. Worse than losing a package would be not being able to receive any. Especially since I threw caution to the wind and placed another order. With the recommendations by the WS gurus above (and elsewhere on this site), I ordered a bottle of the Jade N.O. and a sampler of the Verte and Blanche de Fougerolles. Between my first order and this one, the bank is getting that hollow sound again, so I'll have to hold off for a while before I consider anything else. More comments to follow when the package arrives (I hope)...
  9. Good gawd almighty! I see... I see... UGLY people!
  10. Auguru

    Absinthe in Films

    If you've seen the first season through to the end and seen the teaser for the second season, then no spoilers in the thread so far. As for the absinthe staying put, I like the idea about the bearded lady, she is surely devoted to ol' Lodz. The other option is that Lodz and Apollonia just ain't (sic) quite gone yet. (Sheesh, getting closer to spoiler territory). Back to the lukewarm absinthe... When Lodz pours the water over the sugar cube, it sure dissolved fast. When I tried it the first time (newb alert), it hardly dissolved at all. In fact, I had to add a little finger pressure. I was beginning to think of that spoon as a "sugar grater." Anyway, how fast/easy should the sugar dissolve? I mean, most everyone does use ice water, so I expect it to be slow. Isn't that why the ice water is supposed to be delivered as a slow stream, if not a drip? Maybe I just got the cement-quality sugar cubes?
  11. Auguru

    Absinthe in Films

    The chuckle I get out of the ongoing absinthe sighting in Carnivale (I'm a big fan), is that the bottle has been sitting in basically the same spot since it first showed up in the first or second episode. Especially now that Lodz is out of the way (at least in a physical sense), how the heck is that bottle sitting still in his trailer as the Carnivale crew roam the desert southwest? Plus, where in the world does/did Lodz get his ice water? From the look of things, everything is room temperature and probably about 95% dust... Still a newb, but should the absinthe form the louche if the water is tepid?
  12. Auguru

    finished off the verte last night

    Good ghod, that's fast! I had a friend in college who could hold his liquor when others would have either passed out or died of alcohol poisoning, but absinthe? How can you afford it? More importantly, if your liver can handle the ethanol, how about the thujone? (After my first couple of glasses, I must agree that I like it better without the added sugar.)
  13. Auguru

    Onward into the fog...

    To your credit, Hiram. Any my soapy mouth taste, nothing a little Ivory won't fix. If only you could make the deletions look like those crude/redacted parts of government docs after the censors have their way...
  14. Auguru

    Onward into the fog...

    Noting I'm from Atlanta, I can say that my experience with(or is itnow?) is better than. That is not for absinthe-related deliveries (I've only had one so far, courier not mentioned, you know). For other products, theis the most aggravating because of theproblem. Thefolks have a local "store-front" near me so if I miss them I just have to make a quick trip and pick it up. They are conveniently open until 8pm weekdays... I suspect the bigger problem might be if your neighbors find out what is being delivered, it might go missing from your porch if you leave a "release" on your door. (I feel so dirty talking about the couriers like this).
  15. Auguru

    Inspired newb

    Wow! I have to say the absinthe was not quite what I expected. I am not much of a spirit connoiseur (jeez, how do you spell that?), so wasn't ready for the reality of it. I tried it first with the sugar cube. Took a lot longer to dissolve than I thought it would. Actually made a bit of a mess with the water (good for a chuckle from my wife, though). Much stronger anise flavor, too. Made a great, milky louche. I can see this is an acquired taste for someone new like me. The first glass was too sweet for me. Maybe it is just this brand, but I tried a second glass without the sugar cube. Still the great louche, but much more acceptable. I guess I cannot take the extra sweetness of the sugar cube. Definitely not the least bit bitter. Very aromatic. No green color at all. Perhaps a slight bluish color to the louche, but otherwise a milky white. I tried a bit directly out of the bottle. Yow! Too strong for me. Better with the water ritual. Any suggestions for the ratio of the absinthe to water? Probably just personal preference, but I tried at about 1 part absinthe to 4 - 5 parts water. Too much water? Too little? Any suggestions for a complementary absinthe? One that has a particular character worth comparing to the Suisse la bleue? I noticed a lot of praise for the "Un Emile 68" and for the Jade Absinthe "Nouvelle-Orlans". Given that the current bottle and one of these might last me a couple of years (I'm patient; no, just a light drinker; and have a modest budget for these things), any suggestions would be appreciated. Of course, if I invite some friends over, I might have to amend my words. Thanks to all for the welcome, even for a foreigner like me from Altanta. (The avatar is from the graphics in the computer game "Bad Mojo" which was just re-released for the PC and Mac. I played it when it was released back in 1996 and was mightily impressed. Picked up the new version just to go through it again. Very entertaining, if you can stomach the whole Kafka/roach thing...).