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    What ya drinking tonight?

    Happy anniversaries. Happy birthdays. It's celebratin' time! No reason to stop as far as I can see...
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    Happy Birthday, Goose! Hope it was golden.
  3. Auguru


    Happy Birthday, Wujiman! No doubt you are past this stage:
  4. Happy Birthday, Maggie the Cat! "I caught one THIS big with my Jade fly!"
  5. Auguru

    Nymph sends salutations!

    Welcome, Nymphadora! You should consider joining the August 5th "Louche Fest" here in Atlanta: Thread about the August '06 Louche Fest
  6. Auguru

    Howdy howdy howdy!

    Welcome, Bluewolf! Remotely like the following? Stainless steel. Yikes!
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    Happy (belated) birthday, Stevian! For celebrations, consider the options carefully lest you find yourself on YouTube like the fellow below:
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    New froggie here

    Welcome, mthuilli!
  9. Auguru

    Gertz and Derrick!

    Happy Birthday, Gents! And now for a clumsy visual pun: As for Denmark being the happiest place on Earth, I recall seeing a movie back in my college days entitled "Danish Pastries" that gives new meaning to "double entendre". Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Say no more.
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    What movie is this?

    I don't remember ever seeing this movie, but your recollection of the plot pointed me in the direction of Ray Bradbury. Sounds just like something he'd write. So many of you beat me to finding the film! I'm impressed! Apparently originally broadcast on PBS back in '81. I've found several educational sites that have it available for use in classroom instruction, but it isn't clear that they would let an individual "borrow" it or "rent" it. If I find a bona fide source, I'll pass it along. Better yet, if I can get a copy, I'll let you know. The story is reminiscent of Asimov's classic "Nightfall" (except the opposite notion: in the Asimov story the sun(s) is always shining and the rare occasions when all of the suns set lead to disastrous consequences). (BTW, avoid like the plague the versions of "Nightfall" that have been filmed). A quick seach also leads to Dean McLaughlin's "Dawn" (published in Analog magazine back in 1981). I'm more a fan of F&SF, but did read Analog here and there. Don't recall this one, but it sounds like it might be good. As an aside, I am waiting for delivery of a rare DVD copy of "Hand in Hand" (from the old CBS Children's Film Festival television program). A great little film from the show hosted by Kukla, Fran and Ollie!
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    Happy Birthday, mylo! Axe victim?
  12. Auguru

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Let's see. The wife is out of town. I'd be playing batchelor 'ceptin' I've got 3 kids. They're actually a delight to be around. A couple of Rogue's Dead Guy Ales. Pork loin for dinner. If'n you're not vegan, it's got to be one of the bargains of the carnivore world. On to Sarticious gin. Watched "The Chronicles of Narnia". The youngest loved it, but its not really my cup of tea. Followed by Jade NO. Shifting to Kallnacher. The yougest is in bed and it's time to break out the "challenging" videos. Anyone seen "Institute Benjamenta" by the The Brothers Quay?
  13. Happy Birthday, Britgeekgrrl! May the chuckling begin!
  14. Auguru

    Yet another intro...

    Welcome, Teriwyn! If you haven't already placed your order, let me add my voice to the recommendation above and suggest substituting a bottle of Swiss La Bleue (whichever fits in your price range). Kübler, Clandestine, Elixir du Pays des Fées are all worthwhile. The more recently released La Ptite is also getting good recommendations.
  15. I've only seen the Eichelberger 60 advertised on the Alandia site. Perhaps the good folks at the Eichelberger Distillery in Taxöldern produced a small batch and Alandia scooped it all up. If it is any good, or at least compares well with the Eichelberger 68, I suspect the other vendors will add it to their inventory. I'm mostly curious what difference in taste is accomplished by using "fresh wormwood". I like the bitterness imparted by the wormwood, so a stronger version might be right up my alley. Apparently additional herbs are used, but these are not identified, so it is hard to figure whether the "fresh wormwood" or the herbs make the biggest difference. Hence my original question. FWIW, I've ordered from LDF, Markus (Lion Absinthe-Distribution), and Alandia and have been happy with all three. I know this is not the case for everyone here, so if you are considering purchasing from any of these, take a look through the forums for advice. There is plenty here.
  16. Auguru

    Attn: emo is the new goth

    Nothing like a fad... Tickle me emo
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    Well, see if this is a bit closer. The text could use a bit more work, but the hour is late...
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    Welcome, Delco! With a nod to the good Dr. Brooks (and a bit of help from Mr. PhotoShop):
  19. Auguru

    In Today's San Diego Union-Tribune

    Care to elaborate? Not sure what "taste enhancers" means when it comes to absinthe or other alcohol. Something akin to MSG in Chinese food?
  20. Auguru

    Biblical Absinthe

    I'm hearing sequel... "Ocean's Alambic" anyone?
  21. Auguru

    The Cane Field

    After the first few tries at sugaring absinthe, it became apparent I am in the non-sugaring class. Not that I don't like sweets. Pecan pie is a particular favorite. Baklava? Heaven. When it comes to chocolate, the darker the better. As for other foods, I like all the bitter stuff. Collards. Brussel sprouts. Love broccoli, beets, okra, most squash, lima beans, asparagus, artichokes, spinach cooked or raw, cauliflower. Whatever. I'm a mean omnivore. Not too fond of organ meats, especially kidney, but am roundly "pariahed" (to coin a phrase) by my family when I cook calf liver and onions. Yum! [Mustn't forget fungi. Love mushrooms, all kinds. Cheeses: Stilton, bleu, sharp cheddars...]. Love hot foods. Indian chutneys. Szechuan. Thai. Curries. Absolutely cannot abide cole slaw (bad experience at KFC as a child...). Not much of a coffee drinker (but take it black with a smidge of sweetener, you know the pink saccharin stuff). Love teas. Make my own iced tea blend accented with jasmine. Most restaurant teas are too weak for me. No sugar, but I use about 1/4 to 1/5 pack of the pink stuff. Southern sweetened tea has to be cut at least 5 to 1 with unsweetened or I cannot drink it. Pattern? Despite a bona fide sweet tooth, I hew to the bitter end of the spectrum and like a variety of spicy foods. NO sugar in any absinthe for me.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! Sagacity. What a great word.
  23. Auguru

    Jax Beach Newbie

    Welcome! If your budget is that tight, I'd second dropping the "Lemercier Absinthe Amer 72", but rather suggest you substitute the "Eichelberger". A great value (easy on the wallet) and has a great reputation. Half the cost of the high-end Jades!
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    Introduction on the rocks...

    I want to win the "Solar Lottery"... I always figured Bill had numbers on his forehead. Three numbers.