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  1. I had the same reaction. I posted about the booze, but the glass certainly had my eye as well.
  2. Still totally diggin' your fountain. I think I hear a bottle of wine calling.
  3. Enjoying some Eddie while watching Brotherhood of the Wolf followed by The Crimson Rivers.
  4. Happy B-day, greytail! Wishing you a great one.
  5. I failed to finish that bottle yesterday. So, guess I'll finish what I started.
  6. A bottle of Rose Jolee from a local crafter.
  7. I haven't an answer for your question. I will, however, view this as an intro thread and say
  8. Marteau and warm chocolate chip cookies. OMFG.
  9. Sounds like a ton of fun just waitin' to be had!
  10. I require the distracting, entertaining romp that is Doghouse. And cider.
  11. Happy birthday, CM. Hope it's a great one!
  12. It's as wet as Oregon is supposed to be, and the rain continues. So, spiked coffee seemed like the perfect choice. Happy Hump Day... May your hump day dreams come true.