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  1. Greetings and Cheers. (I would love to hear about some Pac Nor'west gatherings.)
  2. It's nice to hear that someone, somewhere is properly training their people.
  3. Right on... I hope they serve it correctly. Although, I have to put a stop to it when they try to lay a dime on the head. No dirty dime is going on something that's passing these lips. Enjoy Yeah, I'm talking about the Guinness :P
  4. Started with some Guinness earlier. I've switched to rum... I should sleep well later.
  5. Rum in my coffee for now, I'll most likely switch to B&B a little later. It's so nice to be able to sit outside while it's raining and have a drink..... while one's thoughts get lost in the fog.
  6. Thank you all for the greetings, they have put a smile on my face and brought on a "warm-fuzzy" feeling. That so many of you understand my handle just made my day! You guys rock, can tell already. Oh yeah, I still don't know if this will be posted where is "should" end up. So, let the jabs begin....
  7. Welcome! Hiram won't mind. He likes virgins. wonderful news!!
  8. Thank you, I'll have to learn how to do that so he doesn't need to worry about it. I'm not sure how to do that. You see, this is the first forum I have ever joined.....( a forum virgin, so to speak). Thank you for the welcome,
  9. Hello All, Let's get the obvious out of the way, I'm a noob to your site. I've been researching absinthe for some time now. I must say, after reading some of the discussion topics on this forum, I know by far more about absinthe than I did. I will now be able to purchase quality products and enjoy them as they deserve to be enjoyed! Thank you so much for all of the information that one can find here. That combined with the way you seem to interact online...ie, as humans, not mere bi-peds looking for a place to be an arse, led me to want to join you. Thank you for accepting me into your "family" here. I hope to learn much more and perhaps meet some really great people as well. P.S. I was reading the thread about you friends 1st anniversary in Paris, would love to know more about his shop.