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  1. All of you. I miss my ws buddies. Wishing everyone the best in mucking through another day of ridiculous bullshit.
  2. The day was alright. Thanks for the b-day wishes. Hope you guys are doing great.
  3. Happy birthday, most adored twin. Hope you have a beautiful day!
  4. Still no alcohol for me... However, with as cold as it's been lately it seems like the coffee has tasted better than usual. Hasn't snowed like this around here since the year I was born. There is now enough water in every way that it feels like Oregon. Love it! Hope everyone has made it through safe and warm.
  5. Having a Penny Dreadful craving that I'm going to have to see to soon.
  6. Pricks that stoop to stabbing others in the back for personal gain and greed don't get my money. (And if they'll do it once, they'll do it any time they deem it convenient.)
  7. I hope you had a great birthday! Happy belated.