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  1. Congrats! Love Pacifique. I wish the ABC stores here in Virginia would carry this, as well as others.
  2. I bought a bottle of the Original and Veritas. Both tasted similar. The louche was a bit weak, like the Vieux Carre I have, with a strong anise aroma, but an herbal/floral taste. I enjoyed it.
  3. Having a Black Haven, but with Murphy's vice Guinness.
  4. IRT corks, what affects do wine pump replacements stoppers have? I use one on my snooty bottle (Sorry G-money). I haven't noticed anything, but was wondering I mayhaps have missed something.
  5. I put my order in at DUNY. I will admit some apprehension though.
  6. I'm in love with the smooth Cohiba Black Robusto Crystal cigars. And they're cheaper than my favorite Camacho Triple Maduros.
  7. I've had absinthe everyday and have been pissed(*) each time. * - the British definition.
  8. Sipping Obsello and listening to Five Finger Death Punch, and playing my Martin.
  9. Woah, way belated. Happy B-day. Hope you celebrated with a good silvertip and feather.
  10. That sucks. I hope everything is OK. It not affecting our money is it?
  11. I had a glass of "Death in the Afternoon," made with Montaudon champagne.
  12. Happy B-day, Rube! /"Dead Like Me" reference