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  1. A Good Idea. Hm. No. Now and again we'll have something on hand for non-absinthe-drinkers, but 98% of it is absinthe. Can you point to an example? Sirrah, I stand corrected. It was those wastrels & cads over at LocheLounge that featured other materials: Beer at an Absinthe party???? After reviewing the too-dark, shaky, poorly framed, photoshopped photos featured in THIS forum, it is quite obvious that the folks in the Wormwood Society are, indeed, absinthe elitests of the highest caliber!!!
  2. Welcome, sirrah!!! I lost my cherry a mere 6 days ago but I completely agree with your assessment of curiosity/learning/dig deeper. This stuff is fascinating material. If you wish to waste your time wandering through the depths of my newbie thread, you'll see what I bought and the recommendations of our fellow taste-testers. It appears that you are starting near the top (ignore Jack) so I think you will be satisfied. However, I must follow, in general, this extremely elitist crowd and, at the end-of-the-day, recommend a Jade product. The stuff is GOOD. TripBalz,
  3. Quite obviously, you made this decision one day after you made the mistake of approving me... :D
  4. What can I say... I was a boring regular alcoholic before progressing to becoming an enlightened irregular absinthaholic??? :hyper: I would tend to agree with your second statement, but I'm still playing... I'm already thinking along the lines of 'reg-booze only' and 'absinthe only' sessions. But the mix-n-match sessions still have merits, at least to me at this time. Just as I've decided that the lighter fluid stuff (in this case, WF60) is the work week buzz, saving the goodies (Jade) for the weekend buzz. In fact, DAMN, typing is thirsty work!!! (pause for louche) Ahhhh... THERE we are!!! And as aside to Jack, it should please him that I'm keeping the WF60 in the cupboard under the kitchen sink right next to the rat poison. Hell, when I accidentally mixed up the 2 containers the other night, I barely noticed the difference!!! Although I must admit the rat poison didn't louche worth a damn. An astonishing amount of clarity before the convulsions though!!! However, a question regarding your first statement: it certainly appears from pictures here & there that get-togethers seem to have many different boozes laying about... is this merely to cater to barbarians such as myself???
  5. That's it exactly. The first evening, MDCaW & I only made it through the first 3 (which left the Jade for the next day... now I'm glad I did) before we were both... done. Energy? Unusual clarity for an alcohol buzz? Not sure how to describe it. But the effect is definitely there. Most noticable after the 'get drunk first, make last drink absinthe' session. Slam down 6 (or so) shots of freezer vodka, let that settle in, then try the absinthe. Afterwards, again, that feeling of... clarity??? At any rate, very interesting stuff...
  6. ...fascinating stuff... As a total aside... perhaps Absinth'aholics pooh-pooh Moulin Rouge... much to your chagrin. Moulin Rouge is a fantastic film... as film. An absolutely brilliant sound/image reverse of Romeo + Juliet. I love absinthe as a new tool: Absinthe-only session The morning-after absinthe session Absinthe in-between other sessions Absinthe after-the-other-booze session Extremely interesting material. Now I must ask, those of you in-the-know... truly, the amount of (insert porkchop here) makes absolutely no difference whatsoever???? Truly???
  7. I've been practicing... but every single time I tried to pick the sugar cube up with the fork, the tines keep breaking the cube apart!!! (HAR!) I finally gave up and, with my last purchase, got an 'offical' spoon at a discount... WHAT A CHEAP PIECE OF JUNK!!! Obviously stamped out of a press by Chinese slave labor... (sigh) Just curious: those of you who have made the effort to purchase actual antique absinthe tools; please tell me they weren't that cheap at the turn of the century...
  8. (sigh) Jack... as I was typing the post, I had a "Criswell" moment... I predicted a full day in advance what your reply would be... :thumbs_up:
  9. As I always hate not being "with it"... it couldn't hurt. (see my latest newcomer post for all the wrong acronyms)
  10. WOOHOO!!! Goodies have arrived!!! No sig needed, just heaven on the doorstep. :D So, MDCaW & I have agreed on Saturday evening as The Moment. This is what we have to work with: Jade N-O WF60 UE68 VdF72 All generic slurs aside, since everything will be sampled at least once, I'm asking for a Forum-Recommended-Sequence-of-Events. Given 4 louches in a row (no repeats), how should we sequence taste tests?
  11. Jack, succint as ever, I thank you.
  12. GOSHDARNIT, I can't get those folks to verify me. (sigh) LouchedLounge was quick to do so, thereby insuring my first Absinthe forum disembowelment. If LL is the 'lite' version, I eagerly anticipate the FULL disembowelment promised by LVF!!! (I had no idea how slow I would type when I had to hold my intestines in one hand)
  13. Sirrah, I dispute NOT that your field-modified lemonade jar cost you less than $70... nonetheless, should that fact make me any less susceptible to your wiles (+ shipping)???
  14. OW!!! Whatthehell was that?!?!? (looking over shoulder) Ah, just my chain getting yanked... again. <_< Actually, I WAS getting a little starry-eyed over that one fountain @ LdF at the top of the page: Prolly overpriced Not to mention that all-too-breakable honey: Pretty! Then the orgasmic selection: Nirvana!!! Hiram... don't tease old folks. :hyper: