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  1. Never trust a Bunny!!!
  2. Actually since Absinthe is distilled... distillations began (correct me if I'm wrong) around the 12th century. Everything prior to that was just fermented (i.e. beer, wine, mead). Therefore, the Romans may have used some of the same ingredients, but I don't think they distilled anything like Absinthe. Mead was the drink of the gods, thus, between that and their precious wine, they had little use of anything else. ooo I stand... somewhat corrected. oof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquor
  3. hmmm... Thanks for all the info. What about... JUST as a desert combo with say, oh I don't know, gourmet chocolates. I.E. After dinner/movie(play) with wife. Would the chocolate work as a blend... I have tried the two together, but... it seems to work well, but if anyone has any better ideas I would definitely like to hear them.
  4. Well... I don't think it will actually happen, but, IF I were to prepare a dinner to accomodate a round of absinthe, what would be ideal choices. I have always treated absinthe as more of a "desert" liquor like Madeira. I just want to throw it out there.
  5. only 20lbs? I'll just strap one in my backpack on my next hiking trip. wait... that is WITH water... right?
  6. I extend my most sincere gratitude toward everyone's reply. Well... my brother-in-law and his wife (my wife's sister) just had their first child and between me and my Mother-in-Law we have pretty much provided care for the first two years in diapers/toys/furniture... (no regrets, not ever) AND always covering any costs incurred for acquiring and transporting the drink in question PLUS extra for the effort... I think we were good as far as monetary compensation went... but, that wasn't the issue really. To be honest, I think I would be lying if I told you I knew the exact names of some of the "absinthes" I drank the few times I visited the southern border. I do remember one viciously hulk-colored one that made my teeth hurt... I definitely remember only taking 3 sips of that one. Kübler from the Blackmint distillery was one I had... it definitely turned me onto the ability of absinthe to actually become palatible. heh. Since then though, I have become very recently attached to Montmartre. I love the spice. When I make a pumpkin pie I add a ton of Cinnamon. In fact, my trick is that when I believe I've put too much... I add more. In addition to the Montmartre, and since I have recently found out that I could order my own Absinthe, I usually always have a bottle of Eichelberger 68 just in case I have some company over and is interested in becoming a convert to the ladies' church. Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to give their time in welcoming me!
  7. My consciousness was elated to find a group of individuals who shared a passion for surrendering to our lady in green. I find the whole concept of assigning time and care to detail to something even before inbibing it ritualistically stimulating. I would not exactly describe my ardor for her as overly romanticized, but I see it as an exercise in sentient persuasion. Like a moth to a flame... blah, blah, blah... Yet, this is the difference between the modern drukard and say... the conscious imbiber. What beer drinker (although I am in NO way taking shots at beer itself) spends five (plus) minutes processing his intoxicant prior to its consumption. As I peel off the soggy lablels from my Shiner Bock (a great beer from Shiner, TX) I reminisce over the carefully peeled off labels taken from my green fairy's home away from home; and I restively pine for her return with undeveloped ideas of restitution. It was very recently that I was informed that Absinthe could be obtained in the US. I have had some experience with her, but they were mainly in Mexico and from well packaged mail coming from my brother-in-law (French cook... in France hah!) But he disliked the idea of sending me these gifts. I guess it made him nervous. I don't know. He plans on opening up a French restaurant here in the US sometime in the future. Maybe when they legalize it he will ask for some of my experience, to aid his cause, in said eatery. After all, how many astute absinthe users will there be in the US at that time? I look forward to saying... screw you. It is with great anticipation that I begin jovially loitering here and reading/communicating with all of you. Oh... token information... almost forgot. Healthcare/Houston, TX/Big Tool fan (the band)/somehow never had the enlightenment to refer to the internet about anything absinthe-weird/Very glad to be here now!
  8. I scanned the post very quickly, but excuse me if someone has already mentioned the ROCKY MOUNTAIN MEADERY company. They make a long line of very, very good meads and are very authentic. I would NOT give praise to their flavored meads such as raspberry and such as they are pretty bad. Yet, their regular line is very easy to drink. I prefer the "Camelot" over anything else on the market. It's very sweet at first, but has a nice dry aftertaste. Got your attention yet? It, like most meads, has a very sweet base so drink a glass of water in between glasses to avoid that early pre-drunk headache. Let the mitochondria in your brain breath...
  9. holy... THAT'S IT! Obviously my mistake was that my memory of the painting had her on a bed and not on a table. haha. Made my day!
  10. Help me out... I've been looking for a print of a green nude apparition/fairy sitting on the side of a man's bed and presumably comforting him. It is in a late 19th century eary 20th century style. I have googled and searched and gone through a lot of art history books only to come to the conclusion that I may have... dreamed it. Then alas, the history channel shows, in one of their "Modern Marvels" series about various modern distillation techniques, the painting as one of their rotating illustrations when they were discussing the history of... absinthe. Needless to say... I'm very frustrated now and any help would be greatly appreciated. :(
  11. Bravo. I was hoping to find exactly what you linked. Sometimes I'm just NOT in the mood to watch a whole movie.
  12. Isn't the 'e' gone for Germans? (i.e. Eichelberger 68 Verte, Tabu 73 classic strong 73%) If I remember... I think they drop the 'e' on their bottles. I could be wrong.