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  1. I stopped by Alexandria today and picked me up one of those spoons too. Same style with the same stamp on it. It was paired with a glass that, while somewhat similar to absinthe glasses, was out of proportion (the diameter was too big to set the spoon on). They wanted $75 for the set, I got just the spoon for $35.
  2. Nice find! I might have to head out that way as well.
  3. That is correct. The Aa in the coloring step ruins the mouthfeel, not the taste. It's quite a decent absinthe before you swallow.
  4. Razzouk and Massaya are both very good. Razzouk has a very crisp bite to it, and Massaya is incredibly smooth. Take your pick as to which one sounds more appetizing. As far as quality goes, I have yet to find a bad arak. It's very unlike absinthe or even beer in that respect.
  5. I knew it was inevitable. Welcome!
  6. I have to agree that 1) Angelique is a ruined product, and 2) Angelique is most definitely not a wormwood bomb. If the overwhelming bitterness was what we enjoyed most, we'd just drink wormwood tea and save ourselves the hangover. I don't taste wormwood in Angelique very prominently at all. I feel the wormwood after I swallow. The entire reason wormwood is put in the distillation is so that you taste it rather than feel it. If Bugnon had an issue with finding good Pontica and wanted to make a unique verte, how about a verte with no artemisia in the coloring step at all?
  7. I hate to use two Jack-isms in a row, but Um, no.
  8. There was a Japanese absinthe called Hermes. I believe it's discontinued now, and from what I've read, it was mediochre at best.
  9. If you're worried about customs getting suspicious or anything, I doubt ordering a few times in a short period of time will raise any flags. Finances are pretty much the only limiting factor.
  10. Yeah, the Wormwood blance was a bit thicker than the 1797, but neither of them were as thin as the standard Un Emile lineup. I really wish they'd improve those, since I really want to like them.
  11. I'm fairly skeptical about wormwood, or other non-anethol oils contributing to the louche. I know they can be brought out of solution under certain conditions, but I doubt in the amounts found in absinthe. If a distiller were to cook up a batch with no anise or fennel (or star anise), I doubt you'd get any louche at all. I also realize that some people think of the little swirlies that happen before the louche as an indicator of oils coming out of suspension. But you get the same thing adding water to everclear.