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  1. I never liked the sugar. Add some water and I'm set.
  2. Modigliani Plot Outline: The story of Amedeo Modigliani's bitter rivalry with Pablo Picasso, and his tragic romance with Jeanne Hebuterne Starring: Andy Garcia
  3. Hey everybody, its been awhile. I got abscessed with making beer for the past few month, I almost forgot about this place. Anyway, I'll be around a little more often now
  4. Wow, and these people are probably college students. How do they always get into the best schools?
  5. BTW, I saw Alfie last night. In the movie Susan Sarandon, has some Absinthe from Prague that some guy smuggled back in mouth wash bottles, she burned it and then used water. They acted like it burned bad whiskey when they drank it. Think what these movie's are doing to unknowing people.
  6. High % burns a really nice blue. You can't see it in the day time, watch out it burns.
  7. http://www.cigarsofhabanos.com/ Extra cheap w/free shipping cubans http://www.cubanbest.com/connoisseurclub.html Monthly cubans, best price if you get the 6 month contract. Just remeber cubans aren't everything, there are some great and some better then cubans out there. http://www.cigarsinternational.com/index.asp For the best prices on non-cubans, join their weekly e-mail specials. Also, the party was great, had a good time. I'm really shitty with remembering names though, so i guess I'll have to get re-introduced at the next party.
  8. I think i'll give this a try next time I place an order. I really hate anise bombs!
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT
  10. Are we going to be able to try this at the get together?
  11. I see that Fine Spirits Corner has way better prices on cigars, then what I get them for. I was wondering how are they on shipping, any trouble with customs? Thanks
  12. Hey thanks, I went to the Tulalip casino, lost $30 but, I got a free drink. I'm going to some place called the bores head later today, I guess they serve medieval type food. I hope its good
  13. What good absinthes aren't packed full of Anise? I like the bitter taste more then the sweet.
  14. Yes they are the only real absinthe Ive had, and no I wasnt doing shoots. I am sensitive to cheap alcohol though, thats why I only drink good whiskey now. I want to try other brands, Im just fearful of the same thing happening, and Im out a good amount of money.
  15. The size was just one shot worth. And yeah, it happens every time. When I drank half of the VdF in one sitting, I thought I was just hung over, but it might have been same thing. Maybe I'm allergic to something in Absinthe?
  16. Well Ive noticed that after having just one drink of BdF, the next day I feel Nauseated for atlest one day. Have any of you had any similar experiences, or with other brands?
  17. HA! Funny, I wasn't sober when I typed that out. Didn't even see the y I typed.
  18. Also, I guess I'll have to be more carefully about my grammar, huh, If thats what you were referring to?
  19. wow thats was great, funny though, i have been doing some of those already, like the burnt toast, energy drink w/vitamins, fried fatty food. i think i need to drink more water i'll be trying this next time (i know there will be) thanks