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  1. OMFG... Just as I finished that last post guess what just came through the door: MY BOX OF BOOZE!!!!! :D:D:D NICE!
  2. I am in somewhat of a similar situation, however, I have not even had the joy of seeing and boxes at all, yet, empty or not. I ordered 4 bottles of La Fee (Its not all for me! ) from a distributor in Sydney, Bluesky, one which Alan referred me too. I got in contact with the CEO direct, Mike McNulty, and he apparently organised for me a few bottles to be sent via courier w/ insurance etc at a decent price. This was organised a few months ago. I paid for it all a few weeks ago. Apparently had it shipped 10 days ago. I'm still waiting. I have no idea where it has gone, as it was sent by courier and it is a domestic shipment, there should be no hassles at all with it getting seized or anything like that, as there is no customs to go though. I work in retail, we have boxes of computer parts sent to us from Sydney or Melbourne and they normally only take 5-7 working days at the very most. I have had an amplifier sent to me via the normal post service come faster. All I can think of is that I have been duped out of approximately $240.00.
  3. Word up. But all horror movies are like that aren't they. It frustrates me to no extent.
  4. Umm yeah. I just saw Hostel and have a basic distrust of Eastern Europeans, Chainsaw Massacre and now have a basic distrust of Americans in the ol' south.. See, It doesnt work like that. Mind you, over about 10 years, and hundreds of thousands of tourists come and go through the northern parts of Australia (the Kimberley and the Northern Territory) there have been one or two incidents. Wolf Creek was possibly the most annoying movie I have ever watched, because I live in Broome (where it starts) and have been/lived all through the Kimberley... and trust me, that is not Broome at the start... Broome looks 1000x times different... not to mention the sun rising from the ocean (which is actually where it sets here ) The set for Broome was shot in Byron Bay on the east coast, and the "Wolf Creek" set was shot in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. For sure! Hey maybe you know a friend of mine, his name is John Smith and he lives in Seattle...
  5. Yeah... that kinda weirds me out too. How old is your Dad? Is he a cool old rocker, or does he just mysteriously appreciate the musical/lyrical complexities that Mr. Manson delivers? Wish I was there! Mind you, I would have only been about 4 or 5 at the time... :o
  6. Fosters is rank no matter where it is made. Having a second look at your post, try Bundaberg rum. It's a bit strong. but goes excellent with coke on a warm summer day. :D
  7. I loved "A warm place" on The Downward spiral. Silly boy. through every forest above the trees within my stomach scraped off my knees i drink the honey from inide your hive you are the reason i stay alive "I want to f**k you like an animal I want to feel you from the inside" :D
  8. Cooper's Vintage is quite nice, but horribly overpriced. Cooper's is horribly overpriced here! Australian beer is pretty average, the water they use to make it is low quality. I don't mind a Toohey's Extra Dry whilst cooking a bbq :D. Ummm... thanks... I think...
  9. Australian Competition? In absinthe??? This is sounding like RP is on a quest to bring absinthe to Down Under. Noble indeed. Is Home distilling legal in Australia, or is that only in NZ? If it is legal, you should change you major to Chemistry. Well, to be honest I'm not sure of the legality of home distilling, but as far as I know it is illegal here. Will have to look into that though. I am on a bit of a quest aren't I? I just think how stupid it is that it's possible to buy here, and it is pretty much fully legal throughout Europe, but they still have these stupid regulations! La Fée is in Australia already and has been there for around 3 years. Just not in your part of Australia, it seems. I have PM'ed contact details for our importer who is based in Sydney. Yeah, got that, thanks again.
  10. To everyone Specifics: I did not want to hear that. We'll work on that. AVOID FOSTERS LIKE THE PLAGUE. Seriously, It is trash. Poms love it though, but they are crazy. The only American spirits we are privileged too are brands like Jim Beam, Johnney Walker, Jack Daniels.. pretty standard stuff. Wild Turkey is good, that I have tasted, abit expensive over here. What Aussie beers are sold in America? Im a bit ignorant when it comes to these things. I'm a bit of a fan of JW black label... goood times. :D Once again, excuse the spelling, feel free to correct.
  11. I suppose I'm putting my-self on a bit of an island when I say Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson are up there in my top 10. :D I also like a bit of experimental/electronica.
  12. Here is an email transcript of the query I sent to the FSANZ regarding importation of Absinthe into Austalia, this will apply to all Australians: I was replied with:
  13. Hi all, As the above implies, I finally found this section... I was.. hiding from me. About my self: Well, I am 18, I live in Broome, Western Australia, I have finished school and am currently deferred from attending a science course at a University in Perth. I have a reasonable vocabulary, but terrible spelling ability. :D I enjoy many types of alcohol, especially imported German/European beers... I am also fond of the odd American bourbon or scotch whiskey. I have been interested in Absinthe since I first saw Moulin Rouge(sp?) and so, I am perplexed on this mysterious green liquid... However, the CLB also looks very appealing. I wish to find out how to get my hands on a bottle of genuine Absinthe, preferably legally. Hence why I am here, to find a way to get it, and to learn more about it too. Please, learn me .