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  1. I've tasted both of them... The "Bovet - Tradition" is very Anise-pronounced and not really something special. I prefer his normal / first Absinthe. This one hit the market some month ago - Summer 08 it already was available. The Du Vallon BLANCHE: Is a very nice Absinthe! Very lovely, balanced and smooth. It has a very nice and minty taste! one of my favourite Blanches from this Region. The Du Vallon VEUVE VERTE is something cruel... I have tasted some three different batches and they were all very bitter. (http://duvallon.over-blog.com/album-339825.html) I'm sorry, but I cannot recommend this Verte!
  2. no hurry - but I'm looking foreward reading from you ! cheers!
  3. I = slp and please, don't take the given name for that Absinthe as an invitation to burn it!
  4. the holy trinity by Ted is: Anise, Fennel, Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthiums) further you can add: petite Wormwood (Artemisa Pontica) alpine Wormwood (Artemisia Genepi) Hyssop Mint Camomille Star-Anise Balm / Melissa Caraway (according to J. Fritsch) Angelica Seeds or Roots Coriander Seeds (and many more) and if you have ever tasted the Montmartre: Many Spices
  5. Shalom and welcome back JosephMory! Well Hapsburg and Dr. Rauch are the only two Absinths I saw (in 2005) in the Duty Free in Israel. But please don't let it be brought to you - it's simply Horrible.. (So are all Absinths that I found in Israel.. Trenet, Dr.Rauch and the Hapsburg) Regards
  6. The following Absinthe is not producet in Asia - but made especially fot the Japanese market: Gaudetia Persoz is producing an Absinthe called "la P'tite douce" for export reasons. They have a law in Japan, that the Thujone level should not be higher than 10 mg/l. here you'lle see a picture of this bottle. I don't know why - I can not upload this picture nor link it..
  7. This seems to be the Homepage And here are about a quarter of available Brands from the Val de Travers.
  8. thanks, I appreciate that! Until now I did not buy a bottle at Kübler's distillery but I have bought some at La Valotes Distillery and the prices there are not more expesive than at a retailer. - Even though I have sometimes just bought one or two bottles. Your internet appearance is professional! great work! (Except for some problems when switched to german-language) Do I understand that correctly? You are thinking about a internet-shop for the swiss market? Sounds just great! Exactly what I was waiting for Markus Lion, absinthe24, alandia, ldf and who is the fifth?
  9. I do of course know the other shops - and don't like their prices as well.. I presumed that you ship directly from Switzerland to the states - which made me wonder about the high prices of the bottles... (for safe shipping one pays the shipping costs, not?) When I fist read through the homepage I thought to have found an Online-Shop wich would be interesting for swiss absintheurs. But it seems (and I hope to be prooved wrong) that I would have to pay as well these exorbitant prices. (Yes, I saw the link to the retailers.. - but 99 % of them in my region sell only K53 and CAB's Absinthes). @Alan: no offence meant! It's just frustrating how expensive Absinthe is being resold. Which is the reason I buy most bottles at the distillers'.
  10. It's in Alans hands to make your wish come true
  11. On this homepage I found this paragraph: I went then to one of these Resellers and compared prices. What you pay in Euro (and then in addition the shipping costs) we pay here in Switzerland at the Resellers - but in Swiss Francs. A bottle of Kübler53 costs me +/- 50 sFr.. If I order in this shop I pay 82 sFr.. Could anyone explain that? Sad to see, that Absinthe is (mis-)used that much to make a fast fortune..
  12. That surprises me.. Does it not preserve any longer than a year? I just wonder - if I would have bought such a bottle - whether I could drink it up in a year Just this idea hurts
  13. As well as some Clandestine distillers did or still do it (what I rather doubt).. The picture was taken in the Val de Travers.. but i don't know when..
  14. I opened the evening with a Duplais 72 then I had another Duplais 72 and right now I'm sipping a very tasty la Valote Martin. <<--- right now.. but seems to come to --> :D
  15. I really appreciate her books. Right now I have the "L'Absinthe - Son histoire" and the "L'Absinthe - Les Cuillères". They're richly illustrated and well explained. Some other books by Madame Delahaye are on their way... I bought one just recently. And I'm not yet finished reading it, but I'm not that disappointed about it as some among the members here. I especially like the part about "Verlaine, Rimbaud, Wilde and Others" and "From vanGogh to Picasso" - Whereof the descriptions about vanGogh interest me most. Does anybody know "The Dedalus Book of Absinthe" written by Phil Baker? I liked this one as well