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  1. Whoa, that shipment is making my mouth water! Other than Ace Beverage, anyone know of places to find Ridge in the Baltimore/DC area?
  2. Just had to add my two cents and say that the Ridge Verte is the best domestic absinthe I've had the privilege to drink. It will remain my absinthe of choice until Jade brings VS 1898 to the US... but even then it is a very close second. Excellent stuff!
  3. Man, just tried this absinthe for the first time last night and what can I say? Brilliant from the bottle to the last sip. Beautiful, just beautiful stuff.
  4. So I recently purchased a bottle of Duplais Swiss Absinthe Verte, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I'd have to say this is the first absinthe produced with grain neutral spirits I have sampled that didn't have that overwhelming "wet hay" smell out of the bottle. As I poured my first glass, I was quite taken back by the brilliant emerald shade of this absinthe. It's almost hard to believe, but they do state that it is 100% naturally colored on their website: Nonetheless, I seriously doubt I will have the ability to let my bottle "age" for any length of time to find out!
  5. Hear Hear! Verte Suisse 65 still stands out as my personal favorite of all the absinthes I have tried. FYI Liqueurs De France has just found a small cache of Verte Suisse 65 50cl bottles in their warehouse that they are selling for £40. Not sure how many they have, but I was limited to only ordering two bottles.
  6. I had the pleasure of stopping into Péché on a recent trip to Austin, and I must say it is a lovely place. Feels like a traditional absinthe bar but with a modern touch. Fountains are stationed all along the bar, and absinthe bottles line the shelves behind the bar. I finally got a chance to try St. George, and was pleasantly surprised. I think I will definitely be picking up a bottle sometime in the near future. Also tried Pernod for the first time, and I think it will be my last All in all it was a nice experience and I highly recommend swinging by there if you find yourself in the neighborhood. BTW, I realize that this post is quite old, but I did find out that they get all their absinthe goods from a wholesaler in Dallas called Bonnecaze & Cie.
  7. Its been fun watching the evolution of this thread. It really is like Absinthe Distillation 101 in these forums. Such a great resource.
  8. Taboo seems reasonably priced. Anyone have an opinion of Taboo vs. Taboo GOLD?
  9. Great, thanks Antoine! Now, to justify those shipping costs to myself...
  10. Anyone know where I could score a bottle of that grape-based La Clandestine?
  11. Thanks my man, big help. Obviously I have done some research on my own, but I was attempting to utilize the resource that is the Wormwood Society forums to see if anyone happened to know off hand of any additional brands that fall under this category.
  12. I am trying to discover which currently available absinthes use grape neutral spirits as opposed to grain or other neutral spirits for their base. After trying a number of brands, I have decided that my palate favors those that use grape neutral spirits such as Marteau Belle Époque, Obsello, and the Jades. Although some distillers list these details right on the label, others do not. In addition, ordering online without even being able to read a label can be doubly frustrating. Any help would be much appreciated. from absinthemarteau.com
  13. Unfortunately my first two introductions into the world of absinthe were based on recommendations from eabsinthe.com. As a newcomer, they recommended I try La Fée Parisienne (for a french absinthe) and Bairnsfather Bitter (for a Czech Absinth). Thank god I kept reading and learning after this first experience, cause although La Fée Parisienne was tolerable, I wouldn't wish Bairnsfather Bitter on my worst enemy!