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  1. Thank you all! It was a wonderful day and an even better evening. Time to recuperate and get back to writing.
  2. To the sweetest of the kind-one of the loveliest people you could hope to meet, Happy Birthday!
  3. Welcome aboard, Pontarlier. Maybe somewhere between 25 and 28 March?
  4. Thanks to Rockband 2, I'm hearing Silversun Pickups' "Lazy Eye." w00t!
  5. I once knew a feller, OMGBill; further, he knew a lady who distilled. She made tasty drinks, or at least me thinks, so today may her wishes be fulfilled! w00t! Happy, happy birthday, Dakini Painter!
  6. Peter Firth is incredible. I haven't had the chance to see it performed live yet-- I've only seen the film version, with Firth and Richard Burton. Please let me know when ya'll decide to put it on, T--the staging looks amazing!
  7. Ha! I'm taking British Drama, and loving it. I never thought I was much of a theater person, but I've really enjoyed everything we've been reading~ John Osbourne, Harold Pinter, Tom Stoppard, Beckett, etc.
  8. We recently threw an Absinthe and "Equus" party for our graduate English department, and almost 20 people showed up. The absinthe went over really well with some, not so much with a few. We also had amontillado, assorted beers, and red and white wines. I had a fancy rum drink at one point, so we also apparently had rum. We made a tapas-style spread, which included chorizo w/mushrooms, homemade pesto, albondigas, prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, and an assortment of cheeses, breads, olives, and fruits. We also had Fluffy Pumpkin Dip, thanks to Allrecipe.com, served with homemade ginger cookies, and graham crackers. This is my new go-to fall dessert. Fluffy Pumpkin Dip 1 15-oz can of solid-pack pumpkin 1 pkg vanilla pudding 2 cups whipped cream, or Cool Whip dash o' pumpkin pie spice 1 small baking pumpkin Cut the lid off , hollow out, and set pumpkin aside . Mix all other ingredients together, then spoon into pumpkin. Serve with cookies.
  9. Not music, per se, but I am hearing a luxurious OPB (!) "Think Out Loud" broadcast about Dorothea Lange's work in the PNW. Thanks, opb.org!
  10. I was just talking to Mr.S about this this morning, over hashbrowns with onions/tomatoes/mushrooms , well done--aftter having drank perhaps a little too much the night before. At the ever-present risk of TMI, I usually have really vivd, really violent dreams, usually about my hurting, or saving, family members. I also have strongly didactic dreams. To combine the two, I also dream family-oriented dreams with moral messages that break my heart upon wakening. My "absinthe dreams," though, are usually different... I had my first dream about another dream I had last month last night--it was *so* real. I also had a dream that I told my mother and [step]father that I was an atheist and outlined the reasons that influenced my being one. Absinthe, in quantity at least, definately influences my dreams.
  11. I learned from a gal whose family makes up 90% of our local "asian" population. Her sister adds 7-Up to the mix, but not for me. It's plenty sweet w/o soda. Mmmm, gracious heavens, tons of ginger/garlic--that is SO tasty. "Once a month orgasmic treat." I'm sure that's what "Adobo" means in Filipenglish. PS. Glenlivet only enhances enjoyment...
  12. I'm making Filipino chicken adobo. I am in recovery for 2-3 days every time after making this, 'cuz I burn my tastebuds off-I can never wait to let it finish cooking. I love this stuff. I make mines with coconut milk...mmmmm.
  13. Oh, OMGBill, congratulations on the converts! With you and the Precious on board, it sounds like they had a perfect evening!
  14. Sorry so late, but extra-congratulations, Molly! Any occasion to buy new yarn is a good one! I'm sure you didn't have just that shade of blue...
  15. /pat s'ok! (doitdoitdoitdoitdoit) You'll dig it, I promise--very,very rewarding. Though not near the Gimp's prowess/magical-ness, I ,too, am of the dump/stir variety. Recipes/heating can wait! Experimentate!
  16. OK, so chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, not so good. Double jalepeno cheesburger with seasoned fries, and ranch dressing from school cafeteria + Bridgeport Stout, surprisingly good. Chicken "tenderloins" marinated with said stout, raspberry vinegrette, lime juice and honey and grilled to sweet, juicy perfection...YUMMY, SON(s) and daughter(s)!!! Hope all is spelled and punctuated correctly-- on to more stout! (hubby's b-day and all!) und ich weiss dass "Fleisch" kein extra "e" haben..