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  1. I double heart Waits. His song about Neal Cassidy got me hooked. I really must confess that I like Bjork, also. Have any of you heard Os Mutantes? Beautiful! Worth a search, if no. xoxo, sand
  2. I Blonde Redhead, Gilberto Gil, Müm and Jeremy Enigk. I lika a lot of that fancy classical crap, too, Back and stuff. again and again, sand http://www.randomsummer.com/book/
  3. Shai, I have no idea. It kind of creeps me out, but I don't want to change it, either. It's attractive to me, for some reason. Stop looking at it. What's up with your avatar, anyways? Is that you? sandpedlar Maybe I'll look around for a new one. I have had it for awhile.
  4. Hey, that's great to hear that the UE aged into something nicer. I still have quite alot of it from my first order, and since midterms are done, maybe I'll break it out tonight. sand
  5. HI! Always nice to have another gal around.
  6. Besides some things, don't you feel that absinthe is the sexiest smell ever? It's so clean and promising... the drink is so good, and so textural, or is it textual? I think textural. It lingers so purposefully and is easily tasted by a kiss...delicate taste I do enjoy the taste, but not unless and before the smell. No big news to you freaks, I'm sure. ~pedlar of sand
  7. Happy birthday, indeed. As one of the few XX connoseiuers(connoseiuers of the drink, not of the XX! ) about this place, happy birthday, and a drink to you! I'm quite aware that I maight have spelled that wrong, but it's inqonsequential(is that one right?)now. the harried sentiment is what counts. yours~ sand
  8. Happy happy birthday!!! you really ARE old! ~sand
  9. Well, I've gotten settled as well as can be expected here, aka I've found a place for OKAY beer until I find supplies and appropriate temps, gotten a swell garden put in and have made relative peace with the neighbors. I am learning the history of the place and looking into a seat on city council(infinate wishes appreciated) in order to get this place into working, civilised order,which i am quite aware is unreachably ambitious. As ya'll know(notice the use of quaint colloquialism)we are living here in dry, dusty, yet eerily,romantically lovely, west Texas. It is very quiet here. People wave while they drive, there is a thrift store called 'the gettin place', and once, we saw a man point at a "Don't mess with Texas", ie 'don't pollute', road sign and then hit it with a beer bottle, while driving. My newest question as still quite the newb is what is next? I have to say that much to the chargrin of others, I have thoughraly enjoyed the VdF, but not so much the UE, what do I pick next? Obviously the Jades are the clear champ, but which is to be had? What is my best next bet for the money, barring Jack's general, yet revered 'Burnt' label? While I can appreciate the leniency provided me by this site re:grammer and spelling, I duly apologize for I am rather quite drunk. Anyways, sober, reflective advice is much appreciated, as always yours, ~sand
  10. Aww, jeez guys,thanks! I've been lurking around, just not much to say. We've moved to Texas(home) from Portland, and with school and all I've been a little busy. Never to busy to lurk, however. I miss Portland. It's hot here. and windy. and dry. The beer of choice is Bud light by the pitcher. GROSS! There is a microbrewery here, but the cowboys all hate it. That is just too uppity for west Texas. They call the owner a fag, and threaten him with physical violence. His beer does suck, I have to admit, and at $4 a pint, there could be possible justification for retribution, I guess. ANYWAYS, thanks all for your sweet and thoughtful birthday wishes. I have my 2 bottles left, the VdF and the other one. They haven't been opened for about 6 weeks, so maybe it's time this evening. I still don't know how to shrink my pix for uploading, so sorry. xoxo, amy
  11. oooh Saucier! I love Sur La Table! I haven't yet looked at their merchandise from the perspective of paraphenalia ! Thanks for the tip. Maybe I can stop by after class tomorrow, and just BROWSE. Whole foods has a couple of nice Goblet-style glasses, including a 'swirl' type for cheap enough, I found out last week. Tschuss ~sandpedlar
  12. Its nice to meet you. I haven't seen you at FV(that I can recall right now). I speak German, English, a smattering of Spanish, and took Latin in high school, a billion years ago. I am currently taking an Asian history class that requires a knowledge of chinese charectors. whew! its awesome. welcome! Sandpedlar
  13. Welcome! I am fairly new here also, and my first choice was also the UE68 and VdF combo from LdF. I got it in about 4 days. Personally, I still like the VdF better, but I had no clue about shaking it until you, Gatsby. I'll try that tonight, and also give the UE a go. I like them both 1:3 dilluted with no sugar. I think that the Fou has enough sweetness at the finish to hold its own. ~sand
  14. All, You know, I really appreciate how gentle you were with me here, at my introduction. I look forward to visiting here more often. sandpedlar
  15. I definately understand Mylo... I would like to build a fountain, but I have to remain inconspicuous(sp). I use the dressing cruet, and put it in the freezer-is you H2O cold enough? I'm on the Fou right now, way too much so. When I'm digging the Tom Waits, I know! So I'll check out the UE maybe tomorrow. There are lots of great pix on the Fee Verte site, if I'm not mistaken for home made fountains, tschuss sandpedlar PS. I also don't use sucre, so that would make a difference, maybe. i pour just enough water so that i can keep a semi-steady stream. ?
  16. That's legit, Ari. I was entranced watching the louche cloud under the product, it was like my first daytime thunderstorm on acid. i know thats kinda silly, but the hazy, slow, highlander-clouding effect is incomperable. You know, I have had a little too much tipple prior, and it's getting so late, but I might see about going drop by drop yet, before I retire... I'll get right back to you on that... Truly Kindest, Sandpedla PS what kind of fountain do *you* use?
  17. For some reason, I am unable to post at Fee Verte. Anyone else experiencing such a thing? Deine, sand
  18. Yeah... I guess I'll just HAVE to finish it off, -_- since I bought it. I'm actually a transplant here from Texas(Dallas,mostly). I am a PSU student. I live in SW Portland now, and totally love it. Moved here in 1996, right after the big flood that winter. Conju~Friend??? I feel at home already! You know, I got a great louche off both the UE and the Fou. I was kind of a nerd about it and had my new (to me) Goodwill-bought glass on my table with the LED flashlight pointed at an angle into the Fou. I used a salad dressing carafe(good seasons, i think) full of chilly ice/water, and poured as slow as possible. !!!IT WAS AWESOME!!! really, it was my first louche and was totally better than expected. I love the way it seperates and clouds with the clear, oily stuff on top. Way cool. I mean sublime. It looks like milk. Good to talk to you all! ~sandpedlar I figured that I would cheap out and just have whiskey this evening, but being back on board kinda changed my mind... be right back...
  19. Thanks Mylo...I'll let ya know. It's pretty good! I think that I like it better than the UE68, but i'll let you know the official outcome after a couple of weeks. I bought the Absente about a month ago, after the OLCC decided that it would be okay to add a liquor store right in the local Thriftway. It was pretty liqourice-y. ~Sand
  20. I have been lurking over at FeeVerte for a few weeks and, until 2 days ago, never tried Absinthe. I guess like everyone else, I've been interested for a time, but didn't think to find online resources such as ya'll here, or FeeVerte. I have learned an awful lot from the fifty million posts between the two sites. I just got my first order in from LdF and I was so excited! I got the Verte de Fougerelles/Un Emile 68 combo. Once I got them, I didn't really want to open them! Its kind of strange to see them in my own house after seeing so many pictures on the web. I guess thats all. I'm pretty happy to be here, and look forward to further lurking. Kindest Regards, Sandpedlar