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  1. Old cranky REM vinyl. "I must scream at blinding light. I must scream 'I WORK AT NIGHT!'"
  2. I'm enjoying a mystery sample brought over by Jay the other night. The pre-louche color is shockingly amber-y, like my favorite olive oil. Now time for a pate banh mi. Yay Saturday!
  3. Hey Sandpedlar, its only alright? You aren't in agreement with the 3 reviews on WS? It's not the best you ever had? I am very curious to try it myself after reading the reviews. It is a tasty absinthe, to be sure. I prefer a few others to it, though.
  4. I layer up and go back out on the porch. I really do sit outside a lot. My patio is rad. I do drink inside sometimes though, but I don't do much while I drink--maybe just hear some music and chat with pals.
  5. Old Fashions here. I am trying to decide--I hate the grittiness of the sugar cube in this drink. Alternately, I love cherries, but the muddled cherry doesn't do much but cloud the drink in this case. Simple syrup is an alternative I haven't tried, but probably should. I do like to muddle stuff though, so I am loathe to *just* do the syrup. Ugh.
  6. I'm on the porch sipping on a second Aviation gin and tonic and hearing the live Quadro Nuevo. The mister doesn't enjoy gin--not even the Hendricks, but he is gaga over this one.
  7. Great find, sbmac! What a good investment of 2 bills. So sorry to hear your horrendous news, Marcelo. I carry my aunt's old Samsonite train case to drag samples/tasters around. It's the perfect size for smaller bottles and tasting glasses, as well as spoons, matches, etc.
  8. Happy late birthday, LeRoy! Be careful with them candles.
  9. Thanks Ian! I've never heard of shrub before. I'll check it out!
  10. Hey there Ian. Congrats on the new prospects!
  11. Meads are a-bubbling! Thanks everyone for the ideas. Baubel, the berry limoncello sounds so good. I'll have to look up some sauce recipes that can be put away for special dinners this winter.