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  1. I also really enjoy the Walton Waters--yummy stuff. It's too damn hot here, so I'm trying to down as much water as possible. Where're my clouds?
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    Thinkgeek, that is.
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    Regardless of how bad that sucks, for at least the last 7-8 years, they have had some real praise-worthy stuff.
  4. While packing for our departure in 5 hours, I'm having another glass of Pure Dusk. YUM!
  5. Hey there! How've you been?


  6. So sorry about work, Bill! Hope it gets better from here. Your attitude is boss.

  7. I'm not even making this up. There is a student named O'rangello in the school I teach. I swear to God--his brother's name is L'amangello.
  8. I'm hearing some and having a glassful before I gotta catch the train to work tonight.
  9. Nice, DW. Tres Generaciones añejo here. Yuuum.
  10. ???Is it good? Someday soon we may enjoy one together!
  11. Thanks again, everyone! I had a great brithday.
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes, friends! Happy day to you all!
  13. Hey! I got a job, and I've been busy as a bee up here! I sneak around every once and a while.
  14. I've heard good stuff about Clyde Common. They currently have 6 absinthes on the board, including Pacifique. It doesn't hurt that they're also right around the block from my new job!
  15. Amor, salud, dinaro, y el tiempo para gustarlos! Happy birthday and mazel tov, sweet friend!