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  1. It's most likely just me, but really I think the preference for the use of words like "dose" and "on absinthe" only contribute to the stupid-ass attitude of absinthe as something you should get fucked up (beyond drunk) on. I never say, "I was on some scotch the other day when I started fingering this dude behind the 7-11 dumpster," and I bet you don't either. Is there an equivalent of the use of the words "dose" and "on" that are normally used for other foods or beverages, i.e. "I was drunk on beer the other day.." or "I took 14.5 doses of beer the other night.."? I mean, I understand the archaic and medicinal use of the term "dose." But, in the English, we say "on" to have a negative or mystical connotation when talking about food or beverage, e.g. "on crack", "on heroin," "on SHROOMS?!" I'm not trying to be an asshole, and if it seems like I am, I assure you it comes naturally, and I am curious--how many of you (and why) do you say "dose" and "on" when it comes to absinthe? How else do we use these terms in non-medicinal/shamanistic ways? Is it necessary that they be non-medicinal or non-shamanistic, I mean do you drink absinthe in a spiritual (out of the ordinary sense) way?
  2. I was listening to a Sex is Fun podcast this afternoon, and one of the DJs had been contacted by Obsello. He was sent a bottle, and went absolutely ape shit over it. Sex is Fun
  3. Thanks, y'all! I think you can donate under any name, Hedonmonkey. Our reception is tonight at Mercy Corps, from 6-8, if anyone wants to see what we do (and eat some great treats from Toast). and I agree, Derrick--Six is badass.
  4. The Kick Starter page for my work is now live. We've been pedaling our books downtown since June, and we've had a ton of positive response for the project. For those who are interested...Street Books.
  5. Sounds like a blast! Too bad we're a couple thousand miles away. xoxo
  6. Hedonmonkey, we'll have to carpool one of these weekends.
  7. I gave Barenjager all kinds of opportunities, and all it did was disappoint. The bottle was cute, though.
  8. Happy happy birthday! LeRoy! LeRoy! LeRoy!
  9. Happy birthday Eric! Hope all is going well in Capital City.
  10. Well, well--looky here at all these Texans! Y'all should have a get-together meetin'.