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  1. that is ridiculous Alexander! so let me get this straight... Canadians can buy it in the stores - but can't import it... but Americans can't buy it in the US, but CAN import it?!
  2. well we tried it.... and loved it! even if Pernod is a terrible Absinthe we are now looking to try some better brands but from Alexander's other thread it looks like customs is cracking down here in Canada...
  3. Hi Alex, Thanks for the help - much appreciated! I might try the Canadian company in Halifax but I might just go the opposite route and get it from Spain. What about Europe? Will they not ship to Canada? Also - does customs nail you with taxes and fees when you import from Fine Spirits? From what I've gathered just by searching the forums - the Absinthe at the LCBO here is crap and that the real stuff is from the specialty stores. I think for our first time we will probably not get as great an experience as we are hoping for but a couple friends are helping out with the $80 bottle of Pernod so I don't have to pay for the whole thing! :P Thanks again Alex
  4. wow! thanks so much for all the help! very informative stuff here - i've been browsing some of the threads... i think we're gonna go with the Pernod Absinthe... the Absente just doesn't seem like a very good one at all, and after reading about avoiding Czech brands, Hill's is out... but i'm seriously considering importing a top brand to try... I'll let you know how our first experience goes - thanks again
  5. Hello, I'm fairly new to absinthe but my fiancee and I are definitely excited to try this mystical drink. I went to the LCBO (here in Canada, that is the liquor store), and they had 3 different types of Absinthe. I'm hoping that someone on here can help guide us to which is the best one. Our choices are: 1. Absente: http://www.crillonimporters.com/Absente/absente-about.htm - this one comes with a spoon, and is the cheapest, but it says they've changed the recipe - so to me, it really isn't *true* absinthe. But that spoon is mighty tempting! 2. Pernod Absinthe: http://www.absinthebuyersguide.com/pernod_absinthe.html - this one is second in the price structure, and is just the drink - no spoon 3. Hill's Absinth: http://hillsabsinth.com - this was a couple dollars more than the Pernod but again, we're new so we're not sure if there is a huge difference with either of them - again, no spoon, just the drink Also, if Pernod or Hill's are recommended, if anyone knows where to get the proper Absinthe glass and spoon here in Canada (Toronto area) it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for all your help