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  1. Milk of Amnesia- the prototype to the fine Ridge Distillery blanche
  2. Greetings fellow sippers, I'm returning after a rather lengthy hiatus of ten years. The absinthe works has changed so significantly since I've been away that I thought I should catch up.
  3. I would go back and forth between withering Chopin nocturnes, John Adams' Phrygian Gates, and aggressive, atonal electronica, OK?
  4. I suppose this qualifies as absinthe in art: I'm going to Burning Man 2010 and my project is gong to be... Absinthe Oasis! I'm hauling down my fountain, spoons, glasses, etc. to have a tent dedicated to free absinthe in the middle of an uninhabitable desert environment. I'm think I'll just serve a cheapie like Charlotte as it's free - no money tendering.
  5. Has anyone tried or heard of this? Regrettably, I just received an order of Vieux Carre and Vieux Pontarlier from DUNY and would have tried this new one had I known earlier...
  6. It's here: http://www.drinkupny.com/La_Clandestine_Ab...ure_p/s0638.htm
  7. It is indeed. Star anise is completely toned down and herbal balances are far more complex than regular Taboo. Duplais comes to mind. I love Gold.
  8. Hmmm... black flecks, refunds. Not the thread I wanted to read. I just picked up two bottles of LMV from Kamal after having lunch with him the other day. It was so frustrating trying to track down Leopold Bros. in San Francisco two weeks ago (no luck) or Obesello (not available yet). So I'll have to make do with my LMV - I hope it's not as bad as it seems from the thread. I will have Sirène and Taboo Gold waiting for me at home as a consolation.
  9. This just in: I'm "Getting the Gold" which should arrive on my doorstep the moment I return from NY. Believe it or not, I will post a review.
  10. I can go to three or four stores here in Victoria and pick up a bottles of Taboo at any time. It's become a staple on my shelf. The limited production of Gold makes it more of a specialty item.
  11. Frank Dieter says that it is an entirely new product and only available through Oxy. He is very excited about it!
  12. I just had an Obsello at Absinthe in SF and I like I like. I must obtain bottles at any cost: even FSC shipping to BC.
  13. Dash it All!!! But I've already acted by asking my cousin who is DC bound as we speak, to go into Best Cellars in DC and grab me two Leopold Bros. Then he'll cart them back to Boston and I'll get up there from NY to receive my well-deserved gift. Ha Ha! I've outsmarted the system!!
  14. I had two Leopold Bros. at Absinthe in San Francisco. Because I hand poured it at my table, it was only $13 a drink! The Obsello I had at the bar was $15. I'm now back in BC after two weeks in the Bay Area where I was spectacularly unsuccessful in finding bottles of Leopold Bros. No one had it and kept promising it would arrive soon, but I had to fly back to Canada empty handed. Very disappointing. But the good news is that I have a concert at a film festival in Michigan in Sept., so I hope to get a couple of bottles then. It's very frustrating living in Canada as it's such a hassle to get bottles here; Border Services almost took one of my two bottles of St. George Spirit away at the airport. But I'm determined to get LBros. by hook or crook.
  15. Very exciting. I have one unopened bottle of Marteau from Paris. Maybe I'll leave it that way for a while. Congratulations!