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  1. You know, I never tried the stuff, never really had the desire. I think it's about presentation, and here "scrapple" has all the negative connotations it probably doesn't have in PA. Although, I love a good frikandel when visiting Holland, and while some friends happily serve it every Friday at dinner, others turn their noses up at it. And I'm patiently waiting for the VC to make its way to our ABC stores.
  2. Good to hear you are thinking of VA, looking forward to trying another Stateside product. I noticed Leopold chimed in, he successfully breached the VA ABC system, with some minor hiccups. I know we got a case at my local ABC store and although it took a month or so, we cleaned them out. The Absente, Torment, Pernod, et.al. are all still there gathering dust, perhaps they'll get the hint.
  3. Dual topic reply follows: Sounds like a nice order. A friend recently ordered a bottle of the Doubs Mystique and liked it very much, so much so that I never got to try it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although I am no longer a violent person, hours of counseling and clinical tests identified the smell of patchouli oil as one of my "rage triggers".
  4. JMFranc? Sorry, I had to, no offense. Inside joke. Being your 5th post and all, I was just waiting for the offer to sell one of them.
  5. I've flown with bottles in my checked bagage on several occasions without any issues.
  6. Welcome, seems like you picked a good time to jump in. Some interesting things going on stateside, still some good offerings from overseas, and the dollar is doing ever so slightly better against the Euro and Pound, from what I read. Coincidentally, I'm headed down to Fayetteville on Tuesday.
  7. Very cool, Todd. Even cooler, I have a bottle of #12 in the cabinet.
  8. Got a bottle of the #13 at the local ABC store, it's finally here in Va (as mentioned recently to in other threads, sorry, we are telling everyone who will listen).
  9. Hey Roger- I'm also in Richmond. I know there are a couple other folks in town that are members on the absinthe sites, but I haven't met any in RL. I have ordered too many bottles to count from LdF and Markus Lion and had them shipped here with no problems. I had built up a little stock-pile so haven't ordered in awhile. My drinking buddy had a shipment from the UK stopped in its tracks at the post office last month. We are still not sure what alerted them to the contents. The ABC store on Parham/Ridge Rd. sells Lucid, Kübler, and the Grande Absente. The former 2 are not bad (others may argue this point). I used to order the Kübler anyway on occasion to have it on hand, I think it's great to be able to pick up a bottle from the ABC. I'll not be trying the Absente, no desire. They are getting a shipment of the Leopold in soon, I'll try that when it comes in. They had the St. Georges from what I'm told, and will have it again someday. I finished the bottle I picked up in NYC, thought it was pretty interesting. Kübler sent them a glass fountain, and the clerk/mgr(?) I have spoken with there has set up a little display with it, though I haven't seen it yet. He is very enthusiastic about absinthe and seems to be fairly knowledgeable. I contstructed a fountain last year, see that thread elsewhere here. A friend has a purchased one from LdF or somewhere. Honestly, we do what most folks do: use squeeze-type bottled water I pick up at Sam's Club for about .60cents. We pop then in the freezer for a few and drip a glass manually. Oh, and I have a Passat.
  10. Checked in w/ Va ABC yesterday, the Mgr at the local store said he has been in contact w/ Special Orders rep. and they don't have it yet. harumph.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, Leopold. I have already sent them a list of absinthes, including yours, via their comments link on the VaABC site. I'll put in a request for a bottle as well.
  12. Who knows, you might be surprised. I thought Virginia would be last, seeing as the gov't has a monopoly on liquor stores, and, well, it's Virginia. But lo and behold, we have had Kübler and Lucid on the shelves for a little while now. I have been talking with an absinthe-friendly sales person at one store, and am trying to get them on the ball with domestically produced absinthes.
  13. Correct. The EAD that I bought in France and the Mythe seen here are apparently one and the same.