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  1. You can call me Bambi, sugar nipples. It's nice to be not dead yet. Thank you everybody.
  2. If they're into the anise they've got the wrong hole.
  3. Deep Forest found the clitoris.
  4. This post has been edited by Gatsby: today, 9:17 AM.
  5. PV is a dot matrix printer Anybody want to see what he really said?
  6. As long as CG also had a chainsaw.
  7. Even better if it happened in a kiddie pool filled with jello.
  8. With all this recent behind the scenes drama, I'm beginning to think absinthe really is hallucinogenic.
  9. Ike 60? Never heard of it. Are you buying from Alandia? If they use "fresh" wormwood, they might mean wormwood that isn't dried. Not drying the wormwood will REALLY make it taste like wormwood, and probably not much else. I'd be surprised if they really threw in fresh AA though.
  10. Congrats Markus. I'm assuming this Duplais is a new version. I got a 100cl mini of it about 6 months ago and I honestly wasn't impressed, but I heard some major modifications had happened since then, and based on how it was described, I'd say it's made a huge leap forward.
  11. HD radio is an improvement over FM/AM, because the sound quality is better and the display will tell you song/band names and things like that, but it's not as cool as XM or Sirius because there aren't that many more stations than FM, and you can't say "fuck".
  12. Yeah, I stick to my iPod. Why listen to radio when you can be your own DJ? I have listend to XM though. I rent cars from Zipcar.com about once a month, and all their cars have XM and I really liked it. They had tons of baseball games, and actually had 3 stations I liked the music on, as well as a few good comedy stations. I've never tried Sirius, but it seems to have more of a talk slant to it, and I don't like Talk Radio for the most part, except for Car Talk. I'd never actually buy XM though, since I don't drive often. If I drove more though, I'd probably pick XM over Sirius. FM radio sucks. There's only 2 stations in the country worth a shit, and that's KCRW in Los Angeles (Nick Harcourt's show "Morning Becomes Eclectic" is as good as John Peel's radio show) and Seton Hall's station in New Jersey is surprisingly good too (they play lots of old school punk and early 80s faves).
  13. Mine has balanced out with age too. I think the bottles currently available are aged longer than the first offering anyway. There might be some peppermint in there, but I detected more of a cinnamon/coriander combination. I think the wormwood he's using might be adding a minty nuance as well. FWIW, every time I give the Ike Verte to someone who is relatively new to absinthe, they flip over it and decide their new favourite beverage is absinthe. Good job Deep Forest for winning over new converts to absinthism!
  14. Totally. I'd still bang her after I punched her though.
  15. That's smart you undertook that study, but I think the results would be different if the Czech products were cordoned off into a modern or contemporary absinth section rather than just being listed equally with every other kind of absinthe. I bet you'd sell more non-absinth bottles than you did before, which means more $ for you since Czechsinthe is usually cheaper than the other stuff.
  16. Very few people who are looking to get "fucked up on absinthe" are going to read reviews. If they go to the site and the first thing they see are two big links, one for "Traditional Absinthe" and one for "Contemporary Absinth", which one do you think they'll click on first? No new absinthe drinker knows the difference between French, Swiss, Czech and Spanish absinthes. If anything they think Czech shit is the most authentic because they probably had some friend tell them they had Absinth in Prague and it fucked them up. 9 times out of 10 that's the story I hear. By creating two sections separating real absinthe from Czech absinth, they are accurately representing their beverage, and would probably increase sales of the better French and Swiss absinthes, which generally cost more than the Czech piss anyway! That way they can have their cake and eat it too. They can keep selling the Czech rubbish because they're a business and money comes first, but they can also make sure their customers are correctly informed about the products they're buying, and maybe even making more $ since people generally would order a "Traditional" absinthe over "contemporary" absinth if they're looking for something authentic.
  17. Wild Bill made a very important point which shouldn't be overlooked, as what you're doing now IMO hurts your business more than it helps it. EVERY person I know who is new to absinthe comes across Czech Absinth first because that's what comes up when you google "absinthe" or "absinth". They order a bottle of Czech stuff, are unimpressed, and generally from that point on don't spend much money buying absinthe or looking for anything better unless they're an obsessive type like the people here. As a result, by selling Absinth, you're actually reducing eabsinthe.com's chances of return customers who might actually keep shopping there if they knew there was a HUGE difference between Absinthe and Absinth. Some people do come back and buy more Czechsinthe, but the world is full of drunks who are more interested in getting smashed than enjoying what they drink. You could do just as well selling Night Train, as Hartsmar pointed out. At bare minimum, you should clarify on your site that Absinth and Absinthe are nothing alike, except that Absinth is a modern Czech interpretation of absinthe that, while being unique and popular among some drinkers, is only loosely inspired by Absinthe. This could be easily carried out by creating a section called "Traditional Absinthe" which features all brands which would qualify as Absinthe, and a "Contemporary Absinth" section which features all the Czech products. At least that way new customers would walk in knowing there's a difference. Right now, they're led to believe Czechsinthe is absinthe. As a result, their first purchase might be some Czech rubbish that turns them off to absinthe forever. If you separated the Czech and Traditional products into clearly described categories, I can guarantee you your sales for traditional absinthe would go up, since everyone who is trying it for the first time wants to try the absinthe that was closer to Belle Epoque absinthe.
  18. God, I hope so. I think the Ptite tastes nice, although a bit light. It's clean though, nothing particularly wrong with it, although the flavour doesn't jump out at you either. Given the recent pic posted at Feeverte of Ptite's herbs, I think the taste you're noticing is probably German Chamomile with a hint of Lavender. German Chamomile is not traditionally used in La Bleues, Roman Chamomile is. I prefer Roman Chamomile, it's more flowery, less earthy. Persoz did a nice job though. I'm not trying to stoke any HG vs. Commercial fires these days, especially since La Bleue is in reality HG sold to the public, but I sure do wish a few anonymous American makers out there would move to Switzerland and sell their stuff back to us, because there's some American made blanches I've had that surpass every La Bleue on the market. When I think of "La Bleue", I think of a big intense alpine creamy flavour reminiscent of Betty's #2 (sadly the maker is deceased so no more #2!), and I still have yet to taste a La Bleue on the market that is that good. There are American HG blanches though which nip at the heels of Betty's #2, and I want my La Bleue to taste like THAT. It hasn't been dubbed the Holy Grail of absinthe for nothing. Maybe the current Swiss commercial market will get there eventually, but they're not there yet. I've heard there are a few Swiss masters still making knock out La Bleue, but they're all still clandestine and intend to stay that way. I like the current La Bleues on the market, but I want better because I know it can be.