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  1. Currently working on samples for X•S launch next year Hiram, I am sorry that you feel that the copy was over hyping thujone, it was not our intention I was just merely trying to explain to people what the 'amer' is - its at the top because that is the generic X•S point in the copy (I’ll review it). X•S is a superior absinthe that has been uniquely commissioned and priced accordingly which generally takes it out of the shooter-shooting college crowds reach. FYI The La Fée site will be going through a major re brand early next year and your comments will be taken on board. We are as keen as you to have absinthe legal in the US and our company ethos is to educate where possible. I've been in the absinthe business now for a few months and have learnt and tasted a lot - yes I still have much to learn – as it stands, (now for a very controversial statement...) I think that the La Fée range has the only collection of absinthe that can cater for all types of 'absinthe drinkers' and is the perfect way to educate the uneducated by moving them through the absinthe ranks. The high brand profile in bars means that we reach many more types of drinkers. We also sponsor many events, only last month I personally re educated those ‘shooter guys’ at a book launch. Price seems to be the biggest issue here so let me explain our pricing policy and how we intend to move forward - also I believe that any fair comparison should always take shipping and handling charges into consideration. For a single bottle price is £60 plus £20 shipping to the US. When La Fée X•S Française is released in a few days customers will be able to buy any combination of two from the X•S range for £100 (2 X•S Suisse/2 X•S Française/ 1 of each). Simply this equates to £50 per bottle. Both absinthes have gone through very special processes and are from absinthes historical homelands and all those who have already purchased a bottle of X•S will be receiving their voucher for their second bottle. I hope this addresses some of your issues – but in true wormwoodsociety fashion I am sure will not address all…
  2. Hi there I know many of you have been waiting for this so here's a snippet from our news letter Pre-release for the new La Fée X•S Suisse La Fée X•S Suisse is produced in the small town of Couvet in the Val-de-Travers region of Swizerland and it is here absinthe production began in 1792. Time was spent creating a recipe to reflect those top quality absinthes of the 19 th century and the whole distillation process is carried out by hand and monitored closely to ensure consistency throughout. The finest aromatic plants, including locally grown wormwood, along with a grape alcohol base are carefully distilled in small quantities creating an absinthe that is highly elegant and perfectly balanced. now available at Lafeeabsinthe.com to read more visit Lafeeabsinthe.com/xs
  3. Alan, good to see you're still around, feels like you're still here Come on, Sachelle, you have to give him the pitch. I really enjoyed La Fée, yes yes I would say that working here and all that... but seriously it was one of the first absinthes I tried and I enjoyed it. Not sure why anyone wouldn't want to try it?! Had the pleasure of tasting a pre ban absinthe at the Absinthiades last weekend along with some other interesting variations - and so my education continues...
  4. I'd love to hear them... But as they mature a % of those drinking their 'Sheep Dip Scotch etc' will move on to the real thing. No?
  5. Thanks guys – some nice thoughts giving me a better understanding. When I came for my interview here at BBH I had never heard of absinthe – most people I talk to have never heard of it or still think it’s illegal in the UK and yes those that have think it makes you go mad. It seems to me that somehow the alcohol content has taken over from the actual beauty of the drink itself and maybe that’s what needs tackling – no one seems to realise that when drunk properly it is only as strong as a glass of wine. I don’t believe you will ever get rid of those wanting to get drunk – your reference to wine is interesting – as we all know historically drinking wine is a social experience involving food (wine geeks, no I’m not one, are not all freaks! Honestly… ) – correct me if I am wrong, but absinthe doesn’t seem to have such an angle and therefore unfortunately sits comfortably in the ‘get drunk’ category. However, I think there is hope – my partner is a wine buyer – and has recently had his first experiences with absinthe and loves everything about it as do many of my friends who appreciate wine. They find the whole experience enjoyable and are surprised by its complexity. Maybe that is a corner of the market absinthe needs to attract to improve its image or it may be that due to me having a wine background I have blurred vision!!...
  6. phew - what a nice welcome I must say I was a little worried! (Still am...) For what it's worth - I'd like to see absinthe legalized across the globe... As far as premium product dates go - you'll just have to be patient! Who wants to give me a feel of what absinthe is really about? You guys obviously know your stuff. Would it be rude of me to ask - what you think is the best thing about absinthe and what is the worst?
  7. Hi - thanks My initial thoughts - both sites to be more educational - anything you'd you like to see?? ps - cool dog - yours?
  8. Thanks Alan for the intro and hi there to all I’ll try to keep it short… I joined La Fée and eabsinthe.com in April this year as internet sales and marketing manager. I’m relatively new to absinthe but am enjoying my journey so far! Please feel free to educate me…I have a wine background and before working here I worked for a large co-operative in the UK ‘The Wine Society’ as the tastings and events marketing and design manager. (I look forward to maybe holding a nice absinthe tasting for you guys one day and hope to love absinthe as I do wine!) Personal blurb – live slightly north of London in Hertford with partner, 3 kids, although not so childlike any more, 2 dogs and a few fish and frogs in the pond – love riding my horse, garden sadly not large enough for him…love to give all styles of music a try and try to get to a music experience of sorts at least once a month. I’m here to listen, learn and maybe throw in the odd comment! Both the La Fée and eabsinthe web site will be going through some changes over the next few months – I hope they’ll be favorable. Feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions, comments that you don’t want to post publicly and I’ll do what I can. I’ll also be in Pontarlier at the Asinthiades at the end of the month - maybe see a few of you there??? Sachelle