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  1. We hammer them completely flat before drilling, and actually we use stainless steel pie serving silverware.
  2. I won't be there. I'm real busy....
  3. That's because The Absinthe Syndicate doesn't exist!
  4. Hiram doesn't believe that The Absinthe Syndicate actually exists. This didn't happen.
  5. Yeah, Georgieboy...BTW - I've also heard that some HG Tsipouros may have contained some sort of wormwood...
  6. Oh and it prolly contains more wormwood and fennel than Fakie Guy.
  7. Arak is something that tastes better than most Commercial Absinthes at 1/5 the price and is fairly easy to obtain in the US.
  8. The worst Absinthe misinformation I've ever heard is that the Jades are exact reproductions of the original preban Absinthes.